Monday, April 22, 2013

One week ago today...

I know, I know, eventually I will have to move on
and blog about something different than the loss
of the best Mommy on Earth.
LIke the title of the blog, lil bit of my world,
it is what consumes my world right now.
There are those first few minutes in the morning,
when you first wake up and all seems right because
it takes a little minute for you to remember that 
today you will not be going to Thibodaux, you
will not be seeing your Mommy, wheeling her around 
the outside of the beautiful Manor taking advantage
of the pretty day. 
Today is better than yesterday, even though I slept very little
last night, I find myself with the memories that are good
and find myself smiling and even laughing at things she
shared with me.
For instance, Baby boy and I were fishing in back yard yesterday
and I told him that I am having trouble eating as my
stomach is always upset. 
"I guess Mommy is helping out with my weight loss"
I told him the story of two weeks ago, my last
time to stay with my Mommy, Rosie was with her
and I was coming in.
They were sitting in the dining room and as I went
to get my coffee she told Rosie,
"I don't want to offend Lilly but she is getting fat."
Then before I could even sit with the cup of coffee
she said,
"Lilly you getting fat"
So much for not offending me, Huh?
I tell her,
"yes, you with your mere 105 pound weight can now say I am fat"
Hahahahha that Mommee, she surely used her age to get
away with saying whatever she wanted.
Then, three minutes later, would say she did not say that.
Happy Monday, a week since the "Queen" went
to live with her God.
Heaven rejoices as we find our way to go on.

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