Monday, April 29, 2013

Middle sex...

This is going to be a deep, thought provoking blog.
I spoke yesterday of the Jodi Picoult book but I
am one of those that is lucky enough that I can read
a few books at once and keep them all straight in my head.
This is why today I speak of another book that not only has my 
interest right now but I seem to be obsessed with.
Of, course, my favorite woman, Oprah,
had this one on her book club read status and she has
never disappointed me.
A few weeks ago while visiting Kd's parents home
the subject of what would you do if you were the parent
of a hermaphrodite, meaning a child of yours born
with both sex parts, both male and female.
what if you had to be the parent to choose which sex
the child was meant to be. What would you do?
We all had different opinions. Some said they
would decide at birth,  have the surgeries to 
assure they be raised as one sexual gender. Others, including
me said I would have to wait until the child was old
enough to make its own decision.
Either way, can you imagine the delima?
What if you make a mistake, choose girl
and they grow up to want to be a boy.
Needless to say, I had to buy and read this book,
It is a fiction but deals with this topic and I
can't seem to stop reading it.
Growing up I didn't believe this actually happened
that a child was born with both sexual organs
and in nursing school was blown away by the fact
that it does exist. 
I remember once on Oprah there was a set of parent
who were dealing with this and the child,
although had no surgeries to change anything,
had decided to raise their child as a boy.
As the child grew and began school, decided he really
was a girl. Her girl hormones were stronger than that
of the male gender. Such an interesting topic but one
that I am grateful I have never had to choose.
The book is written as a fiction but believe me
these things do happen even in our scientific world of 2013.

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