Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Bombings

I guess with the passing of my Mommy
I have not really thought or focused on the 
Boston Bombings.
Something like that I would have been all over had
I not just lost my Mommy on the same day.
This morning on Goodmorning America
it is the topic and they speak of the four
who passed individually.
I focus on the story of the sweet little
8 year old boy, there to cheer his daddy through the
finish line. He entered Heaven only hours after
my Mommy and this morning it makes me
very, very happy to think that my Mommy,
with all her years of Mothering was there for him.
We will never know the time nor the hour that
our loved ones go but I can see her,
"Come see Beb" taking his hand.
making sure he got to someone who he recognized
in a place that was probably strange to him.
I have to believe in the thought of Heaven right now.
Last night I had Bean for a few hours, 
she is what makes me smile these days.
I bathe her and after a blowdry her beautiful blonde
hair she finds her way to my bedside where I
have my flowers and pictures of my Mommy.
Funny how you can talk openly to a child
when you just can't find the words to share with an adult.
She looks at the pictures and holds the one of 
Mommee with her feet being soaked and
her crown and scepter and she starts
to sing in her loud, loud voice,
"Happy birthday dear Mommee"
and she rattles on about the party we had.
I explain to her that the party was because Mommee was 
going to live in Heaven and she questions,
"With Baby Jesus"
God, I love this child.
"Yes, she is in Heaven with baby Jesus
and then I guess her memory goes back to Christmas
when the Nativity was set up at the Manor and her love
of cows,
"And the cow?"
and she makes me laugh out loud, something I have not done
since last Monday.
She is my medicine and today, I know, 
I will be okay and I know that my Mommy will be
there to greet all those who go to Heaven from now
on. Even the cows.....
 Manor 2012 Christmas party
 So, so grateful that KD and BB always said Yes when I asked to 
bring her to visit the manor
 The Christmas nativity where she got to kiss a cow...

 and baby Jesus

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  1. Beautiful Jilly! Yes, Mommy is there to welcome everyone to heaven! You are in my prayers.