Friday, April 19, 2013

... time heals everything...

If you like the Dixie Chicks you have probably heard 
the most beautiful song,
I already know this will be the way it is as reality hits
that my Mommy is gone from our Earthly lives.
Each morning is a little better and much better if 
you are blessed to sleep at night after a loss such as this.
I was 20 when my Daddy died. Each night he
came to me in my dreams and that helped so much.
My dear, Rob came to me very often when he first passed
and now still comes when there is a message I need to pass
on to Marty and Jeri.
I have yet to dream of my Mommy. 
Maybe she knows I am not ready for that, maybe
she needs I need a few more days of mourning to be able
to grasp the fact of her having left us.
There are those moments that I internally fuss myself saying,
"My God, Lilly she was 92 years old, you were so blessed
to have her that long"
and the moment when like a little child, I go to bed
with my Mommy's pillow because I can smell her still.
So many others have lived this, I have done this before also.
I know I will be better because ol Minta would be
kicking my arse right now.
TOday is better, each day will be better.
and yet I know there will still be those moments when I 
have a memory that brings on the tears.
I will be okay, I again, want to say 
thanks to so many people who have and continue to
pray and nurture myself and my family.

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  1. Lil,
    I bet she will come when you are ready and when she is ready. You need time and like the loving Mommy she always was, she is giving you time. She will come to you in your dreams. She will always be there. Praying for you. Love, Lisa