Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thanks, Yuri!

A few weeks ago I was privileged to be the one staying with Mommy
when an envelope came in from our nephew, Yuri and his family.
As she opened it, the most beautiful handmade rosary fell out of 
the envelope and Mommy immediately fell in love with it.
"This is going to be the one I use from now on"
"I am going to bring it to the dining room so Father can bless it"
Then she said something that sparked an idea inside of me.
"Oh, I wish I had one like this for each of my daughters
to thank y'all for all you do for me."
I explain that there is no thanks needed, that we fight over 
who is going to stay with her as we all come there to rest
and spend quality time with her.
Rosie and I do the change of the guards, pass the baton,
all those slangs we use to mean we switched hitches
but my mind cannot stop thinking of mom's wish.
When I get home I text our dear Yuri and ask if he
can have 5 more made exactly or as close to Mommy's as possible.
He took this request seriously, over seeing the progress to assure
they are as close to Mommy's as possible.
Last week he told me they were ready and he thought we were
going to be very pleased with them.
thanks, Yuri for holding the secret, and helping Mom
come through on her surprise.
He is such a special young man, very sensitive and willing to help
any and everyone, just like his dad was....
My brother, Larry, as we all have, had lots of faults but there
is one thing that man had, it was a heart to help others no
matter what it costed. How many days that man spent praying 
with people in prison. It will help a littel when we loose Mommy
to know that our brother will be waiting for her...
I could not hold the secret of the rosaries another minute when they came in.
Texted the story and a picture right away to the sisters....
That Yuri of ours, that is one special young man.
We sisters each have a rosary, Mommy wants to be buried with hers.
we will pray on ours.
AGain, Thanks, Yuri! you are the bomb.
(brother will have one too, his is a little different so coming later)

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