Sunday, July 5, 2015


It has been a long and complicated week 
in my personal life.
This blog is not about this.
It is about being thought of in ways
that melts you in that you were thought of 
by others.
Yesterday, on the fourth of July,
I went to KD's parents for lunch. 
Kd's dad, Frank is a great BBQ'r
and of course there were all the "fixings"
Maw Maw Verley, Kd's paternal grandma 
walks in with a 16 0z, Coke,
saying, "This is a gift from you from Paw Joe"
and there is my name spelled correctly: Lilly!
After a week like today, well the gesture just
melted me that I had that lump in my throat,
Let me tell a little of Mr. Joe, he loves to shop
a bargain and it always buying for others, rarely 
for himself. If you visit his home, you never leave
without a bag of groceries and stuff.
Random things. His family, although he always makes
them laugh, are always touched by his generosity.
Therefore, knowing his personality,
the fact that when he saw my name on a coke bottle,
he had to buy it for me and make sure I got it.
Touched me, big, it did.
Thanks Paw Joe, for being who you are to
so many!
Kd on her wedding day with her sweet Pa Joe

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