Sunday, July 19, 2015


After thirty years of marriage,
finding myself now single,
I forget often.
Possibly because through that marriage,
Ron went away for work, two weeks
out of the month which gave me and the
kiddo's lots of time without him.
Yet I was still married, so didn't just
go where I wanted, do what I wanted.
I was still married. So even after a year and a half
of being single I still forget, I can come and go
as I please. There is such a feeling of peace that
comes with that. Yes, life has changed much,
and we have worked very hard to be amicable,
to be able to be together for our children and
grandchildren, in the same room without tension.
I have to admit, the feeling of right now, today,
If I wanted to, I could get in my car, or book a
 flight wherever I wanted to go and just do it.
Not that I would or want to at this time,
I mean grand daughter number three due any day
but if I wanted, I could....
What freedom, having no one to answer to.
So once the big house sells I want to do just that.
Get in my car and just go, drive to places unknown,
find a hole in the wall place that I have never been
before and stay for the night. 
Being single, having the cottage, finding myself once
again in this new plan the Big Man has set up
for me sometimes is scary but it is also very 
exciting and still have to pinch myself to 
remember the world is mine and there
is nothing nor no place I cannot go.
The world is mine and I want to enjoy it before
this Mumsie bones get too old and I have
no strength to do anything.
The longer I stay single, dating no one,
the more I find I have to fix inside my new life.
Loving my cottage, going to bed at night with
a smile on my face, knowing this is mine,
thanks to lots of hard work of both Ron and I
when we were younger, although I am budgeting,
I am living comfortable and once the big house sells,
I can come and go as I please.
Adventures abound. Now to get some scrap jobs done
to add to my play money,,,,
Random post today, I know but sometimes
typing thoughts in my head not only help me
but they make for the better posts.
Good day my followers, my friends,
my family.
Peace, its a wonderful thing. Sometimes
it lonely but having always been someone 
who liked her own company, I am going
to make my life one of adventure
spending time with my grand daughters,
my kiddo's my daughter in laws,
I am becoming very comfortable in this new life...

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