Thursday, July 9, 2015


NOpe, the house is still for sale as
the couple opted out but I am still believing
that my prayers are being heard and
soon it will be shown to the new owners.
Last night this Mumsie was some happy! 
Only thing that could have made my night better
would have been if Baby Boy was there also.
I cooked a good old fashioned  shrimp "Fricassee"
known to the locals of Plaquemine as Shrimp Stew
and the kiddo's all came for supper.
It was Kayshara, shara's turn to pick the menu
and we all met at Mummies' Cottage for supper
and play with the grand girls.
We don't do it often enough, we are all so 
busy with life, but honestly it is what
it the most important, family.
Bean and JoJo kept us some entertained,
It is my most favorite times in my life,
time with my children.
So today, I am going to bake cookies.
Yes, yesterday afternoon, I received a visit
from my new neighbor across the street,
came with a tupperware bowl full of de-seeded 
watermelon. I have a belief that you never return a 
container without putting something in it.
I also have neighbors I have not met yet, 
Time to make my superb almond cookies
and meet some peeps. 
Good day, all!

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  1. Sounds delicious!!! Good for you! Still praying for the house to sell!