Monday, July 20, 2015


I Am trying not to follow all the drama
surrounding the white supracemacy groups protesting
in North and South Carolina.
Yes, I believe people and places should be able
to change their Confederate flags where they may
not because I am prejudiced but because
it is USA and we have the right to freedom.
That freedom is being taking away.
I am not a fan of the protesting and the fighting.
I honestly feel if these people put that much effort 
into making our World a better place, maybe, just maybe,
prejudice could be alleviated.
This morning however, I have to Post this picture:
this picture has gone viral as it should be.
During a protest in South Carolina this man,
wearing his prejudiced shirt got weak,
the heat was too much for his old bones.
Who is the first to help him?
yes, a black police officer.
Lets talk professionalism. 
Police Officers, like Nurses, take a vow
to treat all the same no matter what the crime,
their beliefs, we are to treat with kindness and put
aside all the other things.
Why can't we all do this? Take a vow to treat 
humans all the same. This picture says so much.
Looks at the care this officer is using to guide this
man to shade and water. He does not care that
the same man, just minutes before was protesting
against his color. 
I, like many others, am touched by this picture that says
so much.
Kuddos to Officer Smith, attending a KKK group meeting
where protesting was going on and helping the
very same people who wished him dead.....
and it brings me back to my title:

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