Thursday, July 16, 2015


Sorry been incognito a few days,
I'm baaacccckkkk.
In my lifetime, it still amazes me how people come
in and out of your life at different times.
There are those who you are friends with for a short
time and then the "season" passes and although
you will always have fond memories of times spent together,
chances are they will not enter your life again.
Then there are those who you are born to be forever friends,
you meet as children and even as women in your 50's,
they are still a very important in your life, 
the besties, oh I love my besties!
Then there are those that I will speak of today,
Friends who come and go from your life
and it blows your mind when they reach out to you
or you to them, due to a situation in either of your lives.
That is the relationship I have with Lorra.
As a young Mother, I met her via a nurse friend,
Michelle. Lorra was a beautician and I was pregnant with
gypsy and I needed a haircut BADLY!
One night while working, Michelle spoke of her sis in law
who did hair. I made an appointment and for a few years,
she was my hairdresser. After those years, we lost touch here
and there but our friendship "waxed and wained"
I would see her at the store, we would exchange numbers
but not call. I moved to Thibodaux, she moved to Thibodaux,
i would run into her at Rousses' and we could not
stop talking. On one of those instances, she found out
I was the school nurse at the school where her oldest 
grandchild was about to start preK.
This beautiful child became close to me and Lorra and I
also began a new relationship. We spoke sometimes
of doing something together but we just never got to 
do it. Then one of her daughters opened a coffee shop in
 Thibodaux, Weeping Willow and I saw her there,
if you have not visited this place in downtown Thibodaux,
you have to get there, its great.
Okay back to the Blog. 
I moved to Plaquemine and thanks to Facebook,
we were able to stay in contact even after I stopped
school nursing and her sweet grand girl continued
to grow.... she is a teen now, oh be still my heart!!!!
So a few weeks ago, as I posted pictures of my cottage,
I received a picture of this sweet chair and a PM on 
Facebook asking if I was interested in the 
The Thinking chair was very popular in the
Blue's Clues days.
Lorra had this sweet chair, exactly like
the one on Blue.
She asked if I would want it for the cottage,
and the grand babies.
Well of Course!!! I turn down no free treasures,
especially one so unique and beautiful.
Just the thought of her thinking of me melted
my heart. Here was Lorra, with so many people she
could have reached out and given this chair to,
she wanted me and my grand girls to have it.
I picked it up last week at her house and we
were able to visit for a little while,
catching up on her Z. who still calls me "Nurse" Lilly.
It was a great visit, just not long enough.
Lorra is the epitome of a great friend.
She would not let me pay her for this gem,
said just to see it used would be her pay.
and put it first in the girls room but then rearranged living
room to have it there for when the girls come over
they could have their own space.
I put a little table with their Owl Lamp on it
and books that they love.
Bean right away, knew what the chair was:
"Mumsie, its the thinking chair!"
Tuts just kept getting in and out,
just loved that it was her size.
I went to the kitchen to start breakfast,
and when I came to check on Tuts because she was
being way too quiet, this is what 
I saw:
 Our sweet Tuts, sitting in the thinking chair with 
her woobie (blankie) reading. Yeah, she can't read yet,
I mean she is a mere 14 months old but she loves, loves
that chair.
The love does not end with Tuts,
Bean is quite fond of it also. I caught her in 
it a few times also.
Of course I sent pictures to Lorra as I just know
her well enough to know that she will feel 
so good about the fact that the chair is being loved 
at Mummies' Cottage.
Yet, the sweetest part has not yet been told.
A thinking chair from a cartoon that I don't know much of.
Our Bean though, she knows what it is and
what happens in that chair. 
She teaches her baby sister, that each time she sits
in the chair, she is to put her index finger to her temple 
and say, "Hmmmmmm" 
This Bean, she never ceases to amaze us with that
imagination. Her follower, Tuts, is like a little 
Monkey see, Monkey do right now.
Later that morning, I am sitting in
my chair and I note that baby Tuts is 
climbing into the thinking chair, in one hand her
Woobie, the other a book, she struggles
with full hands to get int he chair that is pint sized
but she dos not give up. Once she sits,
she put the wobble and book down,
takes her little index finger, puts it to her temple,
says, "HMMMMM" 
then grabs the book, opens it, puts fingers in mouth
and woobie to her face.
Amazing, what she learns from her big sissy.
I had to share the story with my dear Lorra.
How can I repay her for such wonderful gift?
I decide there is no payment better than showing
her how important this chair has become
at Mumsies Cottage and the stories that surround it here.
I ask permission to blog this sweet story from Lorra.
Thank you dear friend, not only for the gift that
my grand girls love but for thinking of me and
knowing that this chair belongs no where better 
than here at the cottage.
Most importantly for remaining such a great friend,
even if we only see each other a few times a year,
you and your sweet Z will always have a very special 
place in my life and my heart. 
Love ya!

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