Sunday, July 26, 2015


For the last three days, I have started a blog
and after writing it, I decided not to post for
different reasons. Maybe one day I will but
for today, I want to blog about last night.
How awesome last night was.
Baby Boy has been asking for a fish Courtbillion
for a few months now, even supplied the fish.
Yesterday was the day I decided to cook 
that meal he requested.
Only thing that would have made the night
better for me, would have been to have
gypsy baby and Kayshara, shara with us.
They came, all of the other Riera family,
BB, Kd, Bean, JoJo, and baby in the tummy.
What was different?
This time BB didn't rush to eat,
we all went into the play room that Bean refers
to as "her room"
We all played with he kiddo's, laughed at their
antics, especially Jo who has begun to have
the funniest little personality.
After about a half hour, we decided we were hungry.
Bean asked to eat in front of the TV,
I mentioned we were going to all eat in the dining room
of the new cottage. I heard her Daddy say,
"We are all going to eat together like a family"
and that we did.
I can't tell you the last time I have had the
other Riera family all together under one roof with me.
The cottage has already began to make new memories 
for me. I know this may seem like an overly dramatic
post but for a Mumsie who has found her life to 
have changed a hundred fold, it meant so much.
After all eating together, talking, laughing at the girls,
they didn't rush off as what BB usually wants to do.
That boys mind always is looking for the next thing to do.
But for last night, we all retreated back to playing 
with the girls. Kd and I played Barbies with Bean
as BB and Jo made us laugh at the jumping on
the bed to her Daddy was sooo funny.
They left eventually but I was one happy Mumsie.
I could see, for the first time, 
the cottage will be a place where we will meet
many times over the years.
I am grateful for this little family,
I am grateful for gypsy and Kay
I am a lucky Mumsie and after texting Kd
thanking them all for the evening,
I went to bed very happy as
all was right in the world.
Today, heading to Thibodaux, my niece Rebecca
is gathering the family for a reunion,
it has been so long since we have all gotten together.
Unless Kd goes into labor, they are all coming
for the party, Gypsy baby will also be there...
Kay has to work, shucks but aside from that,
it is gunna be a grand day!

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