Sunday, July 12, 2015


Okay, highway 308 on the bayou is dangerous enough.
I am always very cautious when driving back to P-twn
especially when someone is cutting their grass on the
road side. It was not that long ago that in Thibodaux
a professional football player from there was
killed while weed eating his lawn on the road side.
A freak accident but one that left many of us 
speechless, he had so much going on in his
life and it was ended in one second by a car
hitting him doing what men in families do,
cut grass.
Back to the story. Nothing is different in my caution
coming home from doctor on Friday.
I spot a man on his riding lawn mower getting that
hard spot, the ditch, drainage that is so close to the
road that he is tilted almost to a 90 degree angle.
Yet this is not an unusual site for South Louisiana.
What would have been unusual would have been to see
him wearing a helmet, safe but very unusual.
As I drive closer, however the picture in my head becomes
one of a tragedy that could happen.
You see, the closer I get, the better I see a beautiful 
little girl sitting on the floorboard of the riding lawn mower.
Oh she is a cutie, blond curls maybe just a tad younger than
Bean. I cringe inside. I know this father/uncle/grandfather
did not intentionally put this child in danger.
I know she probably cried to ride with him.
However, sometimes people just don't use their common
sense. I said a little prayer, Please protect them 
both as they innocently cut the grass on their
bayou side property. Yeah, a helmet may have looked
silly, she may have protested, but it would have hopefully
protected her little mind.
Better yet, cut the grass while she is inside watching
the cartoons, yeah, she is going to fuss, maybe even 
cry, but she will be safe that very same night
when he laid her down to sleep.

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