Thursday, July 30, 2015


I have met a wonderful set of friends 
since moving to Plaquemine.
Our first encounter was the second day
I went to see the home on the Island.
Linda walked over to introduce herself.
Right away, I knew we would be friends
I just did not just how close we would become.
Then on one of my first trips to Wally World,
I met her "better half" Lionelle.
A wonderful couple who have been together
since they were mere children,
married when they still were children.
They are the epitome of what a "forever couple"
are.  As I lived on the Island, we became closer and 
closer and when I became single, Lionelle took
it upon himself, with Linda's approval, of course,
to do those things around that needed tending to.
For instance, my garbage was always brought up
to my garage after emptied by the garbage truck.
If my gas outdoor light went out because of 
the weather, it was lit before I could ask.
The other day, I brought my vacuum and mop
to the big house to clean and here comes
Lionelle to help me unload the heavy vacuum.
Our friendship still remains, even though we
are no longer neighbors. This is what makes
these people special to me and forever friends.
When I found the cottage, before I had anything
in it and was cleaning, I heard my doorbell ring.
As I looked to the back door, there are my dear ones,
Linda and Lionelle.
MY first visitors at the new cottage.
Linda and I took the tour and Lionelle 
took his own tour, noticed my closet light
was not working and my kitchen stove fan was also
not working. He promised to come back 
and get those things fixed.
Really he did not have to but yesterday, 
he and Linda showed up to work on my "honey doo"
list. Linda and I joking, on how appreciative I am
that she allows me to use him as my husband also,
but just to complete my honey doo lists,
there are many jokes surrounding that idea.
However, it is to be said right here and now,
those two are together until the end,
dating since they are teens, there love is still
something that can be seen without a word said.
What a marriage should be....
Okay so, back to the story. First, Lionelle finds
the problem of my closet light, drives to the
electric store that is less than 5 minutes from my house,
and buys the piece I need while Linda and I stay visit.
Within a half hour...
I can now see what is in my closet in my bedroom!
I would have been happy with just this,
but not Lionelle, on to the fan on
my stove overhead. 
Taking it apart as Linda and I watch and
catch up on life. 
The motor is burnt on the overhead fan.
This is the explanation of why they
will never be just old neighbors to me...
I tell them, because they are heading out tomorrow
for a vacation, just leave me the broken piece,
I will buy the new piece and he can
come after vacation to replace it. 
There is no hurry as its been broken since
I moved. Nope, not good enough for my dear friends.
I have so many scrap jobs to do,
so they offer, no not offer, demand
that they are going to drive to Baton Rouge
to a store they know of that keep parts for older
appliances. It does not matter what I say,
they will do it. I go back to scrapping and
they head out. A few hours later, back
with the part, Lionelle replaces it and
I not only now have light in my closet, but
I have a fan above my stove.
And this, my dear followers, is just one of the 
reasons these people will always be my dear friends!
You don't get this lucky very often and yet,
I have been blessed with this type of friend
thought my life.
So, I tease my dear friends,
"I will make another honey doo list for when
our husband and you get back from vacation"
Linda jokingly says she will share his work ethics with
me but the line is drawn there, he is her hubby only!
That is a fact, known by all who love and know them,
they remain, since they were children in love forever,
something that is rare in our world of today.
thanks again my dear friends,
forever indebted to you two!
Promise to make your cake when y'all get back from 
Love the both of ya!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


We just don't do them often enough!
It was my oldest sisters birthday,
Simone turned 75!
Also, Rebecca and Mikie were awesome to
not only open their new home in Thibodaux to us
all but Rebecca also did all the planning.
All we had to do is show up, and show
up we did! Amazing that even with all that showed
up, there were probably just as many that could
not make it. 
So here is a montage of the pictures from the
most awesome day!

 Just a few of the pics from the best day in 
a long while! New baby Friday, then Mumsie
going to plan a gathering at her new cottage!

Sunday, July 26, 2015


For the last three days, I have started a blog
and after writing it, I decided not to post for
different reasons. Maybe one day I will but
for today, I want to blog about last night.
How awesome last night was.
Baby Boy has been asking for a fish Courtbillion
for a few months now, even supplied the fish.
Yesterday was the day I decided to cook 
that meal he requested.
Only thing that would have made the night
better for me, would have been to have
gypsy baby and Kayshara, shara with us.
They came, all of the other Riera family,
BB, Kd, Bean, JoJo, and baby in the tummy.
What was different?
This time BB didn't rush to eat,
we all went into the play room that Bean refers
to as "her room"
We all played with he kiddo's, laughed at their
antics, especially Jo who has begun to have
the funniest little personality.
After about a half hour, we decided we were hungry.
Bean asked to eat in front of the TV,
I mentioned we were going to all eat in the dining room
of the new cottage. I heard her Daddy say,
"We are all going to eat together like a family"
and that we did.
I can't tell you the last time I have had the
other Riera family all together under one roof with me.
The cottage has already began to make new memories 
for me. I know this may seem like an overly dramatic
post but for a Mumsie who has found her life to 
have changed a hundred fold, it meant so much.
After all eating together, talking, laughing at the girls,
they didn't rush off as what BB usually wants to do.
That boys mind always is looking for the next thing to do.
But for last night, we all retreated back to playing 
with the girls. Kd and I played Barbies with Bean
as BB and Jo made us laugh at the jumping on
the bed to her Daddy was sooo funny.
They left eventually but I was one happy Mumsie.
I could see, for the first time, 
the cottage will be a place where we will meet
many times over the years.
I am grateful for this little family,
I am grateful for gypsy and Kay
I am a lucky Mumsie and after texting Kd
thanking them all for the evening,
I went to bed very happy as
all was right in the world.
Today, heading to Thibodaux, my niece Rebecca
is gathering the family for a reunion,
it has been so long since we have all gotten together.
Unless Kd goes into labor, they are all coming
for the party, Gypsy baby will also be there...
Kay has to work, shucks but aside from that,
it is gunna be a grand day!

Friday, July 24, 2015


I am sickened as I lay to rest after keeping
the baby girls last night so their parents
could have a night together before baby number 3
comes. A shooting in our own state, in our own town 
of Lafayette. Having family there, not far, in Carencro
it was scary until we found out that none of our
family members had taken in any late movies last night.
We say it all too much,
There is no answer to that.
This morning, listening to all that happened
I realize there is no way anyone could
have seen this coming.
I feel a coward died last night.
To kill himself, where we have no way to know
why? Why? WHY? 
Our world is so full of evil, we need more
praying, more God in this world we live in.
I think of my three little grand daughters,
what will their world be like?
How frustrated they will be as they grow up and
their parents have to say no to things they want to
do just to protect them from things unseen.
I can't even imagine my grand babies being teens,
going to movie theater with a group of friends
and their lives are changed forever.
I shutter just to think of it.
Dear God, help us all....

Monday, July 20, 2015


I Am trying not to follow all the drama
surrounding the white supracemacy groups protesting
in North and South Carolina.
Yes, I believe people and places should be able
to change their Confederate flags where they may
not because I am prejudiced but because
it is USA and we have the right to freedom.
That freedom is being taking away.
I am not a fan of the protesting and the fighting.
I honestly feel if these people put that much effort 
into making our World a better place, maybe, just maybe,
prejudice could be alleviated.
This morning however, I have to Post this picture:
this picture has gone viral as it should be.
During a protest in South Carolina this man,
wearing his prejudiced shirt got weak,
the heat was too much for his old bones.
Who is the first to help him?
yes, a black police officer.
Lets talk professionalism. 
Police Officers, like Nurses, take a vow
to treat all the same no matter what the crime,
their beliefs, we are to treat with kindness and put
aside all the other things.
Why can't we all do this? Take a vow to treat 
humans all the same. This picture says so much.
Looks at the care this officer is using to guide this
man to shade and water. He does not care that
the same man, just minutes before was protesting
against his color. 
I, like many others, am touched by this picture that says
so much.
Kuddos to Officer Smith, attending a KKK group meeting
where protesting was going on and helping the
very same people who wished him dead.....
and it brings me back to my title:

Sunday, July 19, 2015


After thirty years of marriage,
finding myself now single,
I forget often.
Possibly because through that marriage,
Ron went away for work, two weeks
out of the month which gave me and the
kiddo's lots of time without him.
Yet I was still married, so didn't just
go where I wanted, do what I wanted.
I was still married. So even after a year and a half
of being single I still forget, I can come and go
as I please. There is such a feeling of peace that
comes with that. Yes, life has changed much,
and we have worked very hard to be amicable,
to be able to be together for our children and
grandchildren, in the same room without tension.
I have to admit, the feeling of right now, today,
If I wanted to, I could get in my car, or book a
 flight wherever I wanted to go and just do it.
Not that I would or want to at this time,
I mean grand daughter number three due any day
but if I wanted, I could....
What freedom, having no one to answer to.
So once the big house sells I want to do just that.
Get in my car and just go, drive to places unknown,
find a hole in the wall place that I have never been
before and stay for the night. 
Being single, having the cottage, finding myself once
again in this new plan the Big Man has set up
for me sometimes is scary but it is also very 
exciting and still have to pinch myself to 
remember the world is mine and there
is nothing nor no place I cannot go.
The world is mine and I want to enjoy it before
this Mumsie bones get too old and I have
no strength to do anything.
The longer I stay single, dating no one,
the more I find I have to fix inside my new life.
Loving my cottage, going to bed at night with
a smile on my face, knowing this is mine,
thanks to lots of hard work of both Ron and I
when we were younger, although I am budgeting,
I am living comfortable and once the big house sells,
I can come and go as I please.
Adventures abound. Now to get some scrap jobs done
to add to my play money,,,,
Random post today, I know but sometimes
typing thoughts in my head not only help me
but they make for the better posts.
Good day my followers, my friends,
my family.
Peace, its a wonderful thing. Sometimes
it lonely but having always been someone 
who liked her own company, I am going
to make my life one of adventure
spending time with my grand daughters,
my kiddo's my daughter in laws,
I am becoming very comfortable in this new life...

Friday, July 17, 2015



Today makes 44 years my Dad went to Heaven & I miss him more than ever!!! I often wonder how having grandkids would have changed his life, I know they would of been crazy about him!!

I was only 7 when he died.
It was a normal day for most, he left his wife, my Aunt Mae Mae
with their 6 children the youngest being still a baby and went
to make crew change, his job of the day.
No one would have ever thought it would be his last day
with all of us. A car accident took his life and yet,
this not what I want to be remembered.
I want to remember my Uncle Joe, the one who
visited us often, who brought his children to swim 
often. He loved "POTAT-A-TOO-FE-SEC"
Smothered potatoes with onions and corned beef.
I still can't eat this or cook it without a smile on my
face and memories of my Uncle Joe.
Funny the things we remember as a child. 
A soft spoken, funny and kind to children uncle, 
that is what he was to me.
The day he passed, I remember it so clearly even at 7.
This was on the days before cell phones, CB radios, etc.
My Mommy and Daddy had gone fishing and it
was a family joke that overtime mom went fishing with Dad
something bad happened. I understand now as an adult,
this was a family joke, each time Mom got in boat, the motor
broke or they didn't catch fish...
But to my 7 year old mind, on that fateful day that my Uncle Joe
died, as we waited my parents to return from fishing
to tell them the tragic news, I thought,
"IT's true, every time Mom goes fishing with Dad something
bad does happen" I remember hoping that Dad never
took Mom fishing again....
I hid when I saw Dad and Mom drove up.
I did not want to be witness to the sadness
my big sister was about to tell my parents.
And it was tragic...
We all changed that day, as we loved this man so much.
The true hero behind this tragedy, My Aunt Mae Mae,
she would not stay down long, believed she had kids
to raise and would do so and that she did. Alone, 
she raised 6 children, she is the hero.
So today, I pay tribute to my Uncle Joe.
Who, as a child, came to me often in dreams,
I always hoped he would come there, in my asleep 
hours. Sometimes I would awaken, still sleeping in 
my parents bedroom and ask for water. 
Dad or Mom would go to get my water and they would
return and I would share that I saw Uncle Joe,
he said he was happy. I can't remember what they said or
if they ever said anything but I know this,
This sweet man, he awaits us all in a place I choose to call

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Sorry been incognito a few days,
I'm baaacccckkkk.
In my lifetime, it still amazes me how people come
in and out of your life at different times.
There are those who you are friends with for a short
time and then the "season" passes and although
you will always have fond memories of times spent together,
chances are they will not enter your life again.
Then there are those who you are born to be forever friends,
you meet as children and even as women in your 50's,
they are still a very important in your life, 
the besties, oh I love my besties!
Then there are those that I will speak of today,
Friends who come and go from your life
and it blows your mind when they reach out to you
or you to them, due to a situation in either of your lives.
That is the relationship I have with Lorra.
As a young Mother, I met her via a nurse friend,
Michelle. Lorra was a beautician and I was pregnant with
gypsy and I needed a haircut BADLY!
One night while working, Michelle spoke of her sis in law
who did hair. I made an appointment and for a few years,
she was my hairdresser. After those years, we lost touch here
and there but our friendship "waxed and wained"
I would see her at the store, we would exchange numbers
but not call. I moved to Thibodaux, she moved to Thibodaux,
i would run into her at Rousses' and we could not
stop talking. On one of those instances, she found out
I was the school nurse at the school where her oldest 
grandchild was about to start preK.
This beautiful child became close to me and Lorra and I
also began a new relationship. We spoke sometimes
of doing something together but we just never got to 
do it. Then one of her daughters opened a coffee shop in
 Thibodaux, Weeping Willow and I saw her there,
if you have not visited this place in downtown Thibodaux,
you have to get there, its great.
Okay back to the Blog. 
I moved to Plaquemine and thanks to Facebook,
we were able to stay in contact even after I stopped
school nursing and her sweet grand girl continued
to grow.... she is a teen now, oh be still my heart!!!!
So a few weeks ago, as I posted pictures of my cottage,
I received a picture of this sweet chair and a PM on 
Facebook asking if I was interested in the 
The Thinking chair was very popular in the
Blue's Clues days.
Lorra had this sweet chair, exactly like
the one on Blue.
She asked if I would want it for the cottage,
and the grand babies.
Well of Course!!! I turn down no free treasures,
especially one so unique and beautiful.
Just the thought of her thinking of me melted
my heart. Here was Lorra, with so many people she
could have reached out and given this chair to,
she wanted me and my grand girls to have it.
I picked it up last week at her house and we
were able to visit for a little while,
catching up on her Z. who still calls me "Nurse" Lilly.
It was a great visit, just not long enough.
Lorra is the epitome of a great friend.
She would not let me pay her for this gem,
said just to see it used would be her pay.
and put it first in the girls room but then rearranged living
room to have it there for when the girls come over
they could have their own space.
I put a little table with their Owl Lamp on it
and books that they love.
Bean right away, knew what the chair was:
"Mumsie, its the thinking chair!"
Tuts just kept getting in and out,
just loved that it was her size.
I went to the kitchen to start breakfast,
and when I came to check on Tuts because she was
being way too quiet, this is what 
I saw:
 Our sweet Tuts, sitting in the thinking chair with 
her woobie (blankie) reading. Yeah, she can't read yet,
I mean she is a mere 14 months old but she loves, loves
that chair.
The love does not end with Tuts,
Bean is quite fond of it also. I caught her in 
it a few times also.
Of course I sent pictures to Lorra as I just know
her well enough to know that she will feel 
so good about the fact that the chair is being loved 
at Mummies' Cottage.
Yet, the sweetest part has not yet been told.
A thinking chair from a cartoon that I don't know much of.
Our Bean though, she knows what it is and
what happens in that chair. 
She teaches her baby sister, that each time she sits
in the chair, she is to put her index finger to her temple 
and say, "Hmmmmmm" 
This Bean, she never ceases to amaze us with that
imagination. Her follower, Tuts, is like a little 
Monkey see, Monkey do right now.
Later that morning, I am sitting in
my chair and I note that baby Tuts is 
climbing into the thinking chair, in one hand her
Woobie, the other a book, she struggles
with full hands to get int he chair that is pint sized
but she dos not give up. Once she sits,
she put the wobble and book down,
takes her little index finger, puts it to her temple,
says, "HMMMMM" 
then grabs the book, opens it, puts fingers in mouth
and woobie to her face.
Amazing, what she learns from her big sissy.
I had to share the story with my dear Lorra.
How can I repay her for such wonderful gift?
I decide there is no payment better than showing
her how important this chair has become
at Mumsies Cottage and the stories that surround it here.
I ask permission to blog this sweet story from Lorra.
Thank you dear friend, not only for the gift that
my grand girls love but for thinking of me and
knowing that this chair belongs no where better 
than here at the cottage.
Most importantly for remaining such a great friend,
even if we only see each other a few times a year,
you and your sweet Z will always have a very special 
place in my life and my heart. 
Love ya!

Sunday, July 12, 2015


Okay, highway 308 on the bayou is dangerous enough.
I am always very cautious when driving back to P-twn
especially when someone is cutting their grass on the
road side. It was not that long ago that in Thibodaux
a professional football player from there was
killed while weed eating his lawn on the road side.
A freak accident but one that left many of us 
speechless, he had so much going on in his
life and it was ended in one second by a car
hitting him doing what men in families do,
cut grass.
Back to the story. Nothing is different in my caution
coming home from doctor on Friday.
I spot a man on his riding lawn mower getting that
hard spot, the ditch, drainage that is so close to the
road that he is tilted almost to a 90 degree angle.
Yet this is not an unusual site for South Louisiana.
What would have been unusual would have been to see
him wearing a helmet, safe but very unusual.
As I drive closer, however the picture in my head becomes
one of a tragedy that could happen.
You see, the closer I get, the better I see a beautiful 
little girl sitting on the floorboard of the riding lawn mower.
Oh she is a cutie, blond curls maybe just a tad younger than
Bean. I cringe inside. I know this father/uncle/grandfather
did not intentionally put this child in danger.
I know she probably cried to ride with him.
However, sometimes people just don't use their common
sense. I said a little prayer, Please protect them 
both as they innocently cut the grass on their
bayou side property. Yeah, a helmet may have looked
silly, she may have protested, but it would have hopefully
protected her little mind.
Better yet, cut the grass while she is inside watching
the cartoons, yeah, she is going to fuss, maybe even 
cry, but she will be safe that very same night
when he laid her down to sleep.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


NOpe, the house is still for sale as
the couple opted out but I am still believing
that my prayers are being heard and
soon it will be shown to the new owners.
Last night this Mumsie was some happy! 
Only thing that could have made my night better
would have been if Baby Boy was there also.
I cooked a good old fashioned  shrimp "Fricassee"
known to the locals of Plaquemine as Shrimp Stew
and the kiddo's all came for supper.
It was Kayshara, shara's turn to pick the menu
and we all met at Mummies' Cottage for supper
and play with the grand girls.
We don't do it often enough, we are all so 
busy with life, but honestly it is what
it the most important, family.
Bean and JoJo kept us some entertained,
It is my most favorite times in my life,
time with my children.
So today, I am going to bake cookies.
Yes, yesterday afternoon, I received a visit
from my new neighbor across the street,
came with a tupperware bowl full of de-seeded 
watermelon. I have a belief that you never return a 
container without putting something in it.
I also have neighbors I have not met yet, 
Time to make my superb almond cookies
and meet some peeps. 
Good day, all!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Often I get teased, lovingly about my belief
in prayer and The Big Man, God.
Sometimes I am mocked by my beliefs
and I am also not proud of the way I have
let my faith on the "wayside" over the last year.
Not that I don't believe nor not in love with my God,
just living life not as close to Him as I need to be
or have been in the past.
I need to get back to where I was a few years ago.
With all that being said, I pray every day, every night.
Now to the story of yesterday.
Since I moved into the cottage,
I have had a sweet house sitter who maintains
the big house, cuts the grass and lives in 
it just so it is not empty. Our deal is that
he house sits and I do the inside vacuum and 
mopping. So yesterday was my day to clean.
I went there, as he was at work and I see this
home, this beautiful home that has only bad
memories for me. Aside from the months that
Baby boy, Kd and Bean lived there when their
house was being built and the very few weeks
Gypsy baby lived with me after our separation,
the house has only bad memories for me.
Yet, it is a beautiful home, needs to be loved by a family.
As I mop I begin to talk the the Big Man.
Then I just keep thinking and talking to Him
in my head the way I once did daily.
I am so confused about what to do,
should I let it go for 60,000 under the appraisal price?
I know I need to try and hold on for a while longer
as someone somewhere will find and buy this house.
Then, I swear, no sooner do I load my car to come
back to the cottage, I get a text from my realtor, Vicki,
"I need to show the house tonight"
After not showing the house for months,
just as I finish up with my praying,
that text....
And I am to believe prayers are not heart???
Not this girl, I need to do more praying.
The showing went really well and I continue
to pray hard and ask all the help me out here
Let this be the one....
Yet, even if it is not, just the way it all happened
has me knowing, BELIEVING 
there is a Big Man out there!!!!
I have a feeling, soon I will only have the cottage 
to worry about!
Just wanted to share a small miracle of yesterday.
Of course, my babies will call in coincidence...
I call it miracle.

Sunday, July 5, 2015


It has been a long and complicated week 
in my personal life.
This blog is not about this.
It is about being thought of in ways
that melts you in that you were thought of 
by others.
Yesterday, on the fourth of July,
I went to KD's parents for lunch. 
Kd's dad, Frank is a great BBQ'r
and of course there were all the "fixings"
Maw Maw Verley, Kd's paternal grandma 
walks in with a 16 0z, Coke,
saying, "This is a gift from you from Paw Joe"
and there is my name spelled correctly: Lilly!
After a week like today, well the gesture just
melted me that I had that lump in my throat,
Let me tell a little of Mr. Joe, he loves to shop
a bargain and it always buying for others, rarely 
for himself. If you visit his home, you never leave
without a bag of groceries and stuff.
Random things. His family, although he always makes
them laugh, are always touched by his generosity.
Therefore, knowing his personality,
the fact that when he saw my name on a coke bottle,
he had to buy it for me and make sure I got it.
Touched me, big, it did.
Thanks Paw Joe, for being who you are to
so many!
Kd on her wedding day with her sweet Pa Joe

Friday, July 3, 2015

Caos called life...

Today is my Daddy's birthday.
He would be 97.
I want to be that little girl again, today.
The times when life was simple, no
drama, no cares in the world,
when this man, I called Daddy had all the
answers and I laid my head down nightly 
with not a worry in the world.
Here I am now,  a grown up.
I hate that word,
especially where my life is today.
You think you will grow old to a certain
life and the tides change and its not 
that way.
As one of my favorite magazines says this month,
IF You are young and think your parents are stupid,
know nothing, cramping your lifestyle,
believe me when I say this:
One day you will be where I am and so wish
you had no worries, no bills, no feelings to worry 
about hurting.... and you will wish you could go back
do things differently. 
For all families in turmoil....
prayers be with you.
Happy Birthday, Daddy.
And my sweet sister in law, Donna,
who left us 30 years ago, way too soon.
wonder how she would feel about what
has become of our lives...
She was the best....
Happy Birthday, Donna1