Friday, December 14, 2012

Connecticut shooting

As news comes out slowly about the deadly shootings
at an elementary school in Connecticut, I am sure all
are like me, wanting to cry and throw up at the same time.
Not much is known as of yet except that
at least 27 are dead and most of those are children.
The gunman was 24 and no motive is known at this time
as he lies dead in the school also.
There was a dead person found in his home as
well as his mother who was in the school.
How does a day like this begin as an ordinary day
for all these families and within hours you are finding out
your baby is dead.
I can only think of Bean. An ordinary day, turned tragic.
I think of the wonderful day we had yesterday together 
and wonder how in the heck would we go on if today she
was gone because of an event such as this.
I think I would be angry that the shooter was also dead
as I could not have my say so to him, I could not find out Why
from him, I could not let him know what he had taken from us.
How do you go to bed tonight without your baby with you?
How do you ever walk into the home, the room where that child lived.
What makes me mad, there is absolutely no sense in such a mess.
This world is becoming something that is just not pretty.
Tonight I am invited to the Dupont home next door
where three gorgeous triplet girls live with their parents.
There will be other children there who are gathering for
a Christmas celebration.
It makes me think of the news article that told of the children
at the school were crying,
"I don't want to die, I want Christmas"
I will be thinking of all the children the same age who will not 
have Christmas this year.
I bet those parents will take a little longer tucking in their babies,
a little more time reading that bedtime story, hugging and kissing.
Children today, all over the world will get away with things
that they would not on a typical day because of this act.
Somehow, people move on and this will become an incident 
that happened. For these families, life has been altered.
Just don't know if I would want to continue to move ahead
if I lost my child to such a thing.
May God, in his infinite wisdom, aid all involved to find some
type of peace as understanding will not be a part of healing here.
Even if you don't believe in the power of prayer,
say some anyway.
Without faith, I don't know how these people can get through this.
UGH, Gro- Cud, I have...

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  1. I have no words other than truly tragic and I'm praying for those poor families to heal somehow.