Friday, December 14, 2012

She kissed a cow, and she liked it...

 Yesterday was Mommy's St. Joseph Manor Christmas party.
I am so thankful that Baby boy and Kd let me have Bean skip school
often to come play with her Mumsie.
Yesterday was one of those days.
I am in love with this picture, just saying....
 If any of you follow Facebook on BB's wall, it is known
that Bean is obsessed with cows, wants to "keese"
one and "hug neck" of one.
BB, when he was home last hitch, did all he could to find
a cow that would stay still long enough so she could
"keese" and "hug neck"
Went so far as going to a friends farm where there are baby cows
that would stay still long enough for the girl wish to come true.
You know, Her Daddy is all about fulfilling dreams...
 I can't even explain just how happy Bean was to see a lifesize
nativity scene at St. Joseph Manor.
And when she saw that cow, in the background,
oh she flipped,
"Cow" "Moooo" "hug neck" "keese it"
the Bean's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds.
 She just could not get enough of this nativity.
She hugged and kissed Mary and Joseph,
 A camel, rode the camel,
 Kissed a donkey...
 kissed Mary and Joseph...
Then there was the cow, oh how she loved this cow,
that could not move...
She petted it, hugged it's neck and kissed it...
then kissed it, then kissed it again.
that girl loves her some cow. 
 The only thing she may love more than cows is her babies.
Oh when she saw baby Jesus, she was so gentle,
"BeeBee" over and over and over.
Then she did one of those things that she does that
just has a way of melting all of us,
she bent down, ran her hand on baby Jesus cheek
and planted the most softest kiss on his little lips.
I am so honored and so humbled to the fact that
this special little girl calls me her "Musie"
there is no better gift than a grandaughter made
and molded to fit perfectly in this family
by none other than that same Jesus that she gently kissed.

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