Monday, December 3, 2012

Beth, a miracle in the making

I was raised in a very close neighborhood with many children all the same age.
We played on Dursette street like no body's business and although we are all
grown now, all with families of our own, we still have a connection 
to each other. We rarely see each other any more but when one 
suffers, we all remember the old days and rally with prayer.
With that said, it was disheartening for all of us to hear of
Beth Doucet Felarise's terrible car accident last Monday.
For many of us, it has been on our minds and prayers since.
As I began to read and keep up to date on her progress via 
her Mom, Nicole's, facebook updates I began to understand that
we have all been witness to a miracle.
(Beth with her two baby girls at the birth of the baby, before accident)
Now many will not see it this way as some have trouble seeing
the difference between coincidence and miracle.
Beth being alive today, even though she has a very hard road ahead,
is a miracle, can be called nothing else.
Her mother, Nicole has given me permission to blog and share with all.
Beth was alone on Monday when she was involved in a car accident
in Houma.  The fact that she was alone is amazing, she has two little girls
who were not with her on this day.
By all accounts of the first responders as well as
the police, not only should she not have survived the accident but
they did not expect her to survive the injuries for much longer.
Her mother was told that at the scene, there was a Catholic priest
who prayed over her in her unconscious state.
She later found out that this priest was Father Joshua Rodrigue.
Here is another miracle.
you see, my children and Beth as well as her whole family 
have always attended Our Lady of Prompt Succor Church in Golden Meadow.
When they were all younger, we knew Father Joshua because
he would spend summers at our church while going to the seminary.
Fr. Joshua may have not known it at the time he was praying
at the accident that this woman had been a child in one of the 
many masses he assisted.
What are the odds that this very same man would be at the scene.
Again, Beth should not have survived this accident and I don't
think many thought she would but Father Josh told
people at the scene she was going to make it. She was going to survive.
Amazing that he was the only one who felt that at the time.
Nicole also posted that there were others at the scene who held Beth's hand,
spoke reassuring thoughts to her. They did not know who she was
and I can only imagine how comforting this was not only to Beth but
to her Mother to know that someone was comforting her baby 
when she could not. This makes me want to shed tears just thinking of it.
Nicole was a young mother to Beth, I think she would agree that they grew up
together and their bond is close. 
Nicole must feel like she has been on a roller coaster since Monday
but feels very sure that her baby is going to survive and she
will do all she can to make this road the easiest it can be for her.
Almost immediately upon entering the hospital Beth began to improve,
from her Mothers accounts almost by the minutes she began to fight.
Was off the ventilator and beginning to talk, was out of ICU 
quicker than anyone would have ever believed.
You see, Beth is a mother of two precious little girls, one just
a few months old that she was still breastfeeding.
I find it is amazing the fight a young mother has in her when it comes
to her babies. One of her first worries was pumping her breasts so 
that her precious baby could continue breast feeding,
still in much pain, with foggy thoughts, she still was able 
to pump her milk to be given to her baby.
On the day her little girls were to visit, her Mother
posts about the hours she took to get ready for them,
even with all the pain she was in, she took the hours to prepare
so they would not be alarmed when seeing her.
She put a smile on her face, reassured her older daughter, snuggled with 
her baby. Once they left and only then did she speak of pain.
Beth has a long road to recovery and yet, I know she will do this.
With her husband, parents, extended family, she will make a full recovery
and she will speak of the miracle of her life.
She will share with many that God spared her because her work here is not done.
Her days are becoming filled with more pain now that her concussion is healing
and the fog of what happened lifts.
She has many surgeries ahead of her and yet, she will smile always
when her little girls are there to see her.
Please pray for Beth and her hubby, Ramsey who has also been so thankful 
and supportive and for their whole extended family.
Being raised on Dursette street has molded so many of us and we are all bonded.
The Cheramie/Doucet/ Felarise families ask and thank all for prayers in abundance.
(Beth the day before her accident)
(Nicole, Beth's mom)
Continue to pray and watch the miracle of Beth transpire.


  1. Praying for Beth and her family! God bless her!!!

  2. As good of the intentions this blog, I believe intimate details should be left out of public information. Beth is loved by all and all are in prayer for the best to come to Beth and Ramsey's family.

    It really is no ones business to share details. Don't take this out of context.
    Beth's Dad,

  3. Everet,
    I am sorry if I have offended you or any of the family and I can remove the blog if this is what you all feel is best. My reason for asking permission to write the blog was because of the miracle it shows, not enough people believe in miracles anymore and this truly is one. Again, I can change it to be less personal or I can remove it all together, the family's call. Either way, I will not be offended. I will ask however, that everyone continue to pray for all.

  4. Lilly thank you......This is a Miracle. You only took what I told you and at the beginning this is what I was told. Each day new information came in some stayed the same and some changed.

    As Beth and I speak I always tell her the people that are praying for her. Since this has started on November 26, 2012, I have received over 600 personal messages, responses to the facebook. That tells you the love everyone has for her.

    I told her, she has visible and will have mental scaring, but to the first guy who stopped and held her hand and talked with her, the priest who was late for a funeral stopped to pray with her, the EMT who this was his first trama victim, the police officer who had to make that call to me and lie about her condition and everyone else who still comes to her room to see she is alive, these people need prayers to get them through this too.

    I would have never known on Thanksgiving day and the Sunday following, when I first started talking about a Christmas miracle, meaning the news that someone would said they were having a baby that THIS IS MY CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.........I still have my baby girl with me and everyone else that loves her.
    Thanks again Lilly,

  5. Lily what you wrote will touch many hearts... It is a miracle that she is alive and with all the injuries she does have she is truly blessed ....

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