Friday, December 28, 2012

I think I hit it right for xmas

Every Christmas, I search and search for the gift 
that will make my grown children and their loves happy.
It was so easy when they were kiddies,
It was a matter of looking at their lists and choosing what 
we could afford at the time.
They were sweet kiddies as sometime during the Christmas Day
they would be sure to come to me and mention this was the 
"Best Christmas ever"
Probably why at Christmas I miss being the Mommy of little ones.
Now we have Bean to shop for and although this year was fun,
next year she will truly get the whole concept of the gift thing.
It's fun shopping for her but each year the challenge for me
is shopping for the grown children.
Last year baby boy made a comment before opening
he and Kd's gift that was a combo gift,
"I know what that means, a gift for both of us means it's for KD"
Well, I was just a little insulted and so glad that as soon
as he opened it I told him he would eat those words, and he did
as they had received and Ipad for each of them.
He took his words back. 
So, this year, the pressure was on, wanting to make sure
the gift was not only something he would like but that all four
would be excited about but not busting the Christmas budget.
They also have a habit of guessing what my gift is and
often, they get it right and I hate this.
This year the hint was,
all 4 of them  had the same thing but each had their own of it.
Gypsy baby and Kelmiester was trying to figure out
what kind of gift I could have given them that all 4 would be
happy about. Baby boy was the first to open his
and announced to the other three what their present contained,
"Season pass to Blue bayou and Dixie landings"
And I have to say, each one of them seemed very pleased 
with the gift. This makes me happy, when I can still
bring joy at Christmas to 4 grown children.
Gypsy baby was like, "Yes!" me and kel have been saying how
we need to go more often.
Baby boy said,
"You did good, Lillian!"
So now, next year becomes the thing,
how can I do it again? 
I will somehow, figure out a good surprise,
one they cannot guess.
I am hoping that the gift of this year has them spending much
time together at blue bayou, attending the concerts, hopefully together.
I love it when they do things together which is becoming harder
for all of them as they grow into the adults they have become.
My mind is already thinking of next year...


  1. I have to add my 2 cents in for the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!! lol As you all read on my fb.. my son Case and his wife Helen are making me a first time GiGi!! So now I'm waiting for my memebership card to the Stupid Club when my "baby buscuit" show up in early July!!

  2. oh girl, you must get ready as the life as you know it will change! wishing for a wonderfully perfect pregnancy, love you GIGI