Saturday, December 29, 2012

tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya...

So, tomorrow I have bean allllll day and allllll night
and I am sooooooo excited as it's been a little while since
she and I have had time just us.
Santa brought her a Bean sized table and chair for her
room here and today i finally found a plastic tea set that
I liked. Tomorrow is going to be play all day, including,
you guessed it, Tea Parties!!!
I love that her toys are all in her room now and we can hang
out in there all day. Bought Pizza Hut pizza so I don't
have to worry about cooking, play alllllll day.
Yep, might not even be able to sleep good tonight because I am so 
excited and missing that little girl big time.
Excited for her Mommy and Daddy too as they are
going to Saints game, thanks to BFOB and
Better than Ezra concert, thanks to baby boy xmas gift
to Kd. Well, heading to bed to read until I fall asleep.
Tomorrow will be here before I know it...

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