Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life seems different....

HOBL is back at work after 6 months home 
with a broken back.
It hasn't been an easy 6 months but we got used to each other,
quiet mornings drinking coffee and playing on computers.
HOBL always has  a project going and if I don't help
I always feel quilty about not doing enough
but I like to play more than he does,
or maybe working is his play.
So the house is quiet, yesterday I stayed in my PJ's and
worked in my scraproom all day.
I probably would not have done that had he been home
but when the dark came, I was lonesome for our time.
Today he goes for his BP physical and if all goes well
he will be part of the working class again.
I know we will get used to this again.
Not all of the last 6 months was easy but
at least I know now that we will survive retirement.
Well wishes to HOBL for his physical today
as he really wants to return to his old job.

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