Monday, December 10, 2012

patience at Christmas.

Yesterday I had to take HOBL to the airport as he returns
to work this week after a 6 months recuperation from  a broken back.
I needed a few things at Michael's and crowds were thick everywhere
but most were in the holiday spirit, patient and happy.
I decided to eat at Subway since it was lunch time and 
I love me some "Tuna a' la" Subway.
From the moment I walked in I knew it was 
going to take some time as the line was long and
there were just two hard working women behind the counter
to serve all. They were not very talkative as they had their
game on, organized and making no mistakes.
Yes, I was hungry and yes, it was past 12 but still,
I was pretty impressed on how well they were running.
The cashier was also the one who was responsible for adding
the toppings to the sandwiches that the first worker had prepared.
Yet, she also had to wash her hands and reglove each time she
went from preparing sandwiches to handling money.
No one was complaining until the man two people in front of me
seemed to have an issue. Never did he acknowledge the girls were swamped
and maybe he doesn't know OSHA law about gloving and 
handwashing when dealing with money.
As she washed her hands, in front of us, and regloved,
she asked what he wanted on his sandwich. She fixed it just
as he ordered it then, before checking him out,
began to complete the sandwich of the patron behind him.
Then he rudely said,
"Listen here, I want my sandwich, I have been waiting her
for a long time and I don't want my sandwich to get cold.
Check me out right now so I can eat"
Really, was he not aware of the short staff that was happening
as well as the line that was now almost to the door?
I knew that young girl was pissed,  she said nothing.
However, I knew he was not going to get his demands.
Instead of ungloving and checking him out, she totally ignored his request
and continued on my own sandwich. Ugh, I become uncomfortable
with situations like this, mostly because it's hard for me not to
try and add my two cents to the scene. 
So what did the customer do?
He said, "Keep your sandwich, I am not paying"
He walked out quickly, red-faced and speaking under his breath.
The worker took his sandwich out of the line and continued
to do her job, efficiently without a word.
I thought about this whole scenario as I ate my tuna and continued
to watch the big line of people get served.
I thought of how stupid that man was, there was no sweat off her back
and now, no matter where he went, he was going to wait for a meal
and probably just as long if not longer unless he goes home.
I thought of that poor worker, who probably makes sandwiches for minimum
wages dealing with workers who did not show up.
I left a tip, I thanked both of the women for their time.
I wanted to apologize for all the impatient a-holes in the world.
Remember that during this holiday season to have much patience with others.
To realize that those people behind registers are busy trying 
to raise money to feed their families or save for Xmas gifts for others.
Yes, she maybe could have addressed the guy, explained 
how time management and washing of her hands between each encounter
would be slower for him.
She didn't, why should she?
Patience my dear friend, patience...

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