Sunday, December 23, 2012

A scare that turned out great.

(Thanks, Kim for the momma pics! you the best!)
Heading to Thibby today as Mom was not feeling good last night
and Veronica spent the night with her.
I spoke with her today and she said,
"I'm fine" as if she never remembered that she had
felt bad last night. Dementia, I say, is not always a bad thing.
It was one of our fears, her getting sick and we all one hour away.
Thankfully C, Ted, and Veronica were able to go there
last night and give her the extra meds. she seemed to need
She had a great night and this morning doesn't even remember 
she was sick. Veronica spent the night with her 
and i am going up there to spend the day with her.
How blessed we all are to have her, 
How scary it was that we were far away but 
again, the manor came through for us.
I do not know if our Mom would be so happy and well
were it not for this wonderful place.
Rona, not only checked her vitals for me and reassured me
on the phone that she looked good and had been joking with her,
but continued to check and call me every 10 minutes until my
sisters got there. Once again, the manor came 
through for us and I have a comfort I did not have before
about what would happen if she got sick and we were
all an hour away. I cannot even begin to explain
what this place has done for our peace of mind and 
our Momma loves it so much that she does not even want to leave.
I know now that she can use that phone if she has to...
Thankful once again that my sisters and brother in law 
were able to get there in record time to relieve all of us,
thankful for the wonderful place of St. Joseph Manor.
We could never repay these people for their care and love
for our Mother.

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