Monday, December 24, 2012

Another xmas blog

I went and get my Mommy to spend a few nights here in 
Plaquemine, no use being both of us being by ourselves in 
our places during such a special holiday.
She had no memory of being sick the night before,
another plus of dementia.
On the way to Plaquemine she was like a 
"Chatty Cathy" shared so many Christmas stories of Christmas past.
Reminded me of how Daddy pretended he hated doing the tree
but every year, on her birthday he produced a live tree,
untangled the multitude of lights that used to be a mess
back in the day. He changed the bulbs that needed it and
strung the lights. It was his job, he was the only one who could 
do this. She asked me if I remembered when the tree was crooked in
the stand, instead of cutting the bottom, he would just take
string and pull it till straight and nail it to the wall.
Yep, remember it now dear Mommy.
Her memories past are sharp as a tack.
We passed a home where there were many cars, a Christmas party,
no doubt. She said, "Let's stop, they won't notice two more"
Then she shared about how before I was born she and Dad and
the older siblings had many a parties on Dursette Street.
One year, she speaks of people being there no one knew,
they just saw a party and stopped in, said it took
a few hours before all realized they had not been
known or invited by any of them.
I asked what they did, she said nothing.
We let them enjoy the party.
What sweet memories she has to offer, to remember them 
will be something I treasure long after she is gone.
It's going to be a good day today as we continue
to talk of Christmas past.
Hoping tomorrow we can trek to Galliano to see the bayou family
as I find myself very lonesome for al of them lately.
Love being close to my kiddies but miss my birth family 
very much. 
Happy Christmas Eve to each and every one of you!

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  1. Merry Christmas, Lil!!! We love you!!!