Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Even though you practice...

When working in the school system, we 
practiced for this, practiced for the possibility
of tornado's, fires, lock downs.
Sometimes the children don't take it seriously,
even I, as an adult, hoped that the practices were always
for nothing. I never took them for granted.
Neither did the other adults in school.
We understood that the practices were necessary
as we had other people's children's lives in our hands.
Yet even with all that practice,
you just cannot ever be prepared for the type of
storm that blew threw the little town of Oklahoma.
Even with the technology of this day,
this school, these people only had 8 minutes to get 
to safety. Eight minutes.
The catastrophe happens, many  adults and
children are missing and where do you want to take them?
The nearest hospital, of course.
Except the hospital is also flattened.
The stories are tragic, some are miraculous.
I have all types of emotions as this unfolds.
We call these type of storms
"Acts of God" 
I can't fathom that. Maybe Mother nature,
but not our God would cause such tragedy to the 
innocent of the world, our children.
It is times like these that I have to remember my belief
that I call the  "helicopter view".
I have spoken of it before and it is sometimes the only
thought that helps me to grasp the magnitude of this.
We cannot see the full picture of the world,
we can't see the wetland erosion but if you get in 
a helicopter it is obvious to you that the lands are eroding.
God has the "helicopter view" on the world.
He has to know that this event will cause another event
to be obvious to someone. I, though, am human.
Even I, with the faith I have, feel angry this morning that
so many have to suffer.
There may be a reason yet this morning,
I see none.
This morning, it's the first morning I am glad my
Mommy's in heaven, there are lots of little ones
entering the gates of Heaven, I know they need lots
of Mommee's to greet so many children.

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