Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kd and the Bean on a road trip!

In the last year, having lived here in Plaquemine,
I have never gone more than two or three days without 
seeing our Bean.
Today, she and her Mommy and her Mawmaw and Poppy
are leaving for a road trip to Atlanta.
I do believe I will be just a tad bit lost until seeing
her again on Monday.
Yesterday I picked her up at school and we went
to Chucky Cheese to have some fun before she leaves.
Gypsy and Kelmiester met us there.
If the way she acted there is any indication of how much
she will love Disney, it will be a fantastic trip!
So, you may be wondering, what is the road trip about?
Kd is an LPN as I am.
A few years ago she began a computer generated
LPN to RN program and is now on the last leg of 
the journey. This week she is on her last leg of 
this journey. She has worked so hard, passed all
her tests and now only has her clinical portion left.
She does her "mock" weekend, or practice weekend this week
and in June, her very last clinical testing.
Then only boards to pass and she will be a full fledged RN.
She has worked so hard on all of this all with 
work and being the most awesome Mommy to our Bean.
Good luck, Kd!
By the time we go to Grand Isle, hopefully it will all be done!
Love you big,
miss Bean already!

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  1. Aww, they will be home soon. We are so proud of Katie!!! Blood, sweat, and tears to become a Registered Nurse (just as to become an LPN, I'm sure). Good luck, Katie; you will do fine!!!