Tuesday, May 14, 2013

its the simple things that matter

is a rarity that I can get my babies together 
now that they are grown and yet
there is nothing that makes me happier.
I tease my neighbor, when she comes over to visit,
that if I want to see them I have to cook.
Of course, that is not true.
Yesterday, BB shows up to cut my grass as his
daddy is in Alaska.
Gypsy baby and kelmiester show up to hang for
a few hours before GB is due in Baton Rouge for 
a job interview. I am cooked GB and Kemiester's request,
chicken fricasse'.
I also bake two different types of cookies.
When the late afternoon comes, Kd and Bean,
Baby boy, gypsy baby and Kelmiester are all here,
all together. It is so obvious now that the babies are grown
just how different those two are.
It is also very evident that they are bonded for life,
as siblings. I think of my own relationships with my
own sisters and brother and I am so very thankful that
I gave them each other, it may be the best thing I 
ever gave them. They are different, can irritate each other
and still, they know that when the "going gets rough"
they have each other. 
We watch Bean dance and sing, we watch as her
daddy plays with her and her Mommy has her recite things
for us. The obvious is that she is growing up so fast.
Not many of her baby traits are left, but she always, always
has us laughing. From the way she sings and smiles,
to the way she rolls her eyes, she is fantastic and funny.
Baby boy has to go home to bed as he leaves this morning
for work, gypsy baby and kelmiester, stay sleep.
We work on  a puzzle together and it is when I realize
it is the simple things that matter. There is no amount 
of money that can give me what these children can.
They are absolutely, without a doubt the best things
I have ever, ever done in my life. I also know this.
That no matter where my life takes me, where I find myself
in the years to come, those children will be by my side,
forever my babies, forever in my heart.

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  1. Love your family!!! Forever and ever, my baby you'll be!