Thursday, May 30, 2013

My how he has grown, how he has changed...

(the Whole Plaisance gang 5 years ago)

My niece, Rebecca, half of the parental duo of
Hugh, Lucy, Owen and Ellen,
is, about right now, landing in Paris.
It was her 40th bday on the 28th as well as her
(as cute now as he was then, back in the day)

 (One of our trips to a plantation home he spoke of yesterday)

 ( a fun night at the Hornets game with two of my favs.)

 Hubby, my BFOB's, birthday and their anniversary all
in one week. A few months ago BFOB asked her what she
wants for her birthday and she jokingly said, 
"Oh, a trip to Paris would be nice."
He surprised her with a week trip to that very place.
Finding a safe, loving place for their four children was 
her biggest worry of leaving them behind.
I have Hugh, the oldest, until Saturday and then
will have Owen the third in the group from Saturday to Tuesday
when I bring him  home to reunite withtheir family.
This blog, is of course, about that Hughbee boy!
He is now 15, 15!!!! for a child who came into the world
3 months early weighing just under two pounds, he 
has come a long, long way. When I say a long way,
he is 6 foot two inches tall! I definitely look up to him 
these days as does most in our family.
So many wonderful things to say about this child.
First, how many 15 year olds, not only loves coming 
to spend time with his auntie lil, but is excited about it.
He and I,  when he was 5 began summer sleep overs with me
and except for I think two summers, we have carried it out.
On our way home, we reminisce of all the summer vacations we
shared, he remembers all the little stories,
the one when he was 7 and we buried a dead cat we found.
As we were leaving the burial site he turns to me as I 
am leaving and says with so much emotion,
"Aunt lil! WE have to pray!"
He remembers all the trips he and I made to tour 
old plantation homes as that is the thing we always enjoyed doing.
He remembers the Myrtle's trip where he lost his 20 dollar bill
and the only way I could calm him down about it was
by making up a ghost story about why the 20 dollar
bill was lost, because the ghost children had taken it from
his pocket. He was so sure this was true that he said,
"Yes, Aunt Lil, that's what happened, I remember feeling a
cold breeze across my feet when we were in the gift shop"
Geezer, I love this child!
Now he is a teenager, a wonderful, lovable, teenager.
Who is easy to please, who compliments over and over the
fricasse' I cooked for him because it's what he wanted.
I forgot how enjoyable being praised for a meal is.
We sat on the sofa, near each other, each with an ipad, playing 
words with friends. He is one of a different character.
He speaks of his younger siblings out of pride.
I share with him about his brother Owen's text to me
to let me know that he likes "Steak and broccoli"
We both laugh at this and he adds a few more antics 
about his little brother. I am so, so blessed that at my age,
I have all these great nieces and nephews who not only will
stay with me, but look forward to the visits.
Our family, our extended family, we are all so very lucky
to have the type of love that binds us together no matter how big 
we get. He is a miracle of a child, he is going places,
and I am thrilled that in his life, when he looks back on his
 childhood, there will be plenty memories and stories of the summers
with his Auntie Lil.

(My Hughbee, so grown up)


  1. How I love this child! Miss him when he is not around! What will I do when they move to Thibodaux over the summer? Bet I will be spending a lot of time there. Between the football games (he plays for E. D. WHITE)the grandparents days and whatever comes in between, I'll will always be there for all of my grandkids! They always said that the love for and of a grandchild is nothing to be compared to. I experienced that 7 times! Lil am I not correct in that statement?

  2. yes, It is not something you can explain to anyone until the experience it themselves. Before Jilly, I was guilty of thinking those who said you joing the "stupid club" when you become a grandparent was so silly. I love my nieces and nephews so much, I honestly believed that I could not love a grandchild more than I love them. then Jilly came along, and I finally understood exactly what all those people meant. I absolutely adore that child, can't ever get enough of her, feel like I talk about her constantly. so so so happy I got to experience this much different love.