Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mother/Daughter tea 2013

The pictures will tell the whole story of the wonderful day
we had on Sunday, celebrating the annual
Mother/daughter coffee-tea.
My mommy was one of the first members, having
been one to begin the womens' group called
Ladies of LaSaLette.
The weather was beautiful the company even more so.
The dedication given by Ms. Sybil was touching and brought
tears to many eyes. Ms. T-Lyoy, was a few months younger than 
my mom. Although we all said this is a day for celebration,
happiness, gratitude for the love of mothers and daughters,
Mommy's bestie, below, had trouble keeping her tears
from flowing, trouble speaking to any of us without crying.
She and my Mommy have been friend since the early days
of their elementary years just like I and my besties are.
She is the last one still alive from all her best friends and
that in itself has to be enough to draw the emotions this sweet
lady shared on this day.
Mommy would have been so, so proud. Each year she bragged
in her way, that she had the most gathers when it came to mothers 
and daughters, this year, we beat every year before.
I do not remember the full count but I know it was over 30.
Towards the end of the party, Ms. Sybil comes out
with an angel food cake topped with whip cream and strawberries.
Just the sight of the cake made us who knew my Mommy want
to cry. Ms. Sybil goes on to explain a small part of 
the kind of woman my Mommy was. Any time there
was any type of luncheon or church gathering my Mommy 
made this cake. Not because it was easy, not because it was
delicious. Her reasoning was because one of her friends,
Mr. Mac Rome was a diabetic and could not have most of
the desserts so she always made sure he would have something
to end his meal with.
She was that kind of woman, could be sarcastic a tad bossy
but always, always helpful and thinking of others.
Enjoy the pictures and see the love that surrounded
the 2013 mother/daughter tea.
Ms. Sybil and Mommy's bestie, Ms. T-Lyoy
Elizabeth and Alyssa, great cousins

Ellen and Dominique, my sweet godchild.

Kd, Bean and Cathy

My gypsy baby

my girls

abigail and Lillian

Emily and Abigail

abigail, bean, lillian and ellen

dear lucy

my tedi and her favorite nannie

i love this child with my whole heart!

ms. barbara, elizabeth and celeste

tiffy and tedi

kelmiester and her mommy, norma

sis in law, cheryl, em and abigail

my date, bestie baby-Lindsey, how i love this girl!

another of my godchildren and her baby girl

my bean and her "muzie"

kd and her mommy

bean loves her 'coosins"

rebecca and her baby girl, ellen

kelmiester and gypsy baby, love the relationship they are building.
veronica and two of her three girls,
I don't know how, in all my pictures, i have none of Tie,
but she was there.

if you add Mommy's picture, 4generations here. Sister Simone
and her baby, minta, holding her baby, Lillian

cousins more like sisters, so silly together

bean, her first modeling debut, only two and
she loved the stage!

and here, our Mommy's body rests, back with my daddy,
but this is just a holding cell for her body, she is
on a bigger and better journey.

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