Sunday, May 26, 2013

glass knobs

Yesterday Katie, the neighbor, and I headed to Denham Springs
to look for hidden treasures.
As we walked through the buildings of history,
Katie picks up a glass knob speaking of looking for
one with the wall plate to use as a hook in her home.
As she holds one of these beauties in her hand,
a memory of the past comes flooding back.
I am a child, in my childhood home, where all of our
solid wooden doors were opened with precious knob like this.
I look into the knob and there another world exists.
In my large, vivid imagination, there is another family,
another world on the other side of the knob.
When I look into the glass, my mind sees what the 
family is up to. I share with Katie that this was so much
a part of my past, that I sometimes would even dream of the 
lives happening on the other side of our glass knobs.
One day in particular I view a reception hall,
It looks similar to the place our small town gathered
in for weddings and church functions,
our very own LaSaLette Center, the very same place
we had our Mommy's life celebration at after her funeral.
On this day as a little girl, there is a wedding reception
and as I stared into the doorknob, a little boy from
the other family walks up to my knob, he can see me, I think.
In my imagination or my dream, he puts his own eye to the
glass  knob, he seems to be living the same type of fantasy as I,
watching the family in the glass knobs in his world.

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