Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Found and going home...

I cannot stop watching or reading about the three missing girls
who were found yesterday.
When I hear of missing persons these days I always think
they are dead. Then you hear of these types of stories and
it gives you hope for all those others who are missing.
and there is that 6 year old, the daughter of Amanda Berry.
Ten years missing, ten years!
I think, 10 years and every day I am sure they tried to find
a way out as yesterday has been reported.
I would have thought after ten years they would have 
been brainwashed but if you hear the 911 call,
you will hear in Amanda's voice she wanted out.
this morning I am full of thoughts of all that
has happened in their families while they were gone.
the roller coaster they are on, being happy they are
finally free only to find out people you love are now dead,
children in your life, grown up now.
It is a miracle, a big old miracle because they are alive but
also full of sadness as they cannot gain the 10 years back.
YOu know there was abuse, you know there was sexual 
abuse, you know the 6 year old Amanda calls her daughter
is also the daughter of one of these men.
Today, they are happy as they find out all that has gone
on in their name and I am sure they are also sad,
sad for the things that were taken away from them 
in the last 10 years. Amanda Berry is very outspoken
and all over the news today but little of the two
other women. Having trouble wrapping my thoughts
around such a terrible crime, find even myself going
from happiness one minute to sadness, anger is mixed
in there. Today I will pray the rosary, something I am trying
to do every day since my dear Mommy died, today
I will dedicate the rosary and my walk to all involved
in this case. I ask you to also spend a little time
praying for them all.

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