Friday, August 2, 2013

A new child is born...

The Alessi family, the Vizier family,
they are all on cloud nine right now.
Their baby Finn is here!
A beautiful name for a wonderful child,
What can I say to this newly born child?
I can tell him, he is a very lucky little boy that
God has chosen these two for his parents.
They come from a "good crop"
parents who have taught them so much about 
marriage, family, commitment.
They are so much in love, a team before and now
bonded by a little baby boy named FINN.
I see this beautiful new Mommy and can remember
the day her own Mommy had her.
So hard to see all those little girls growing up, getting married,
having babies. Leah and the Pitre girls have always followed
each other while growing up so it is fitting that they all married
and now all having babies within 6 months of each other.
It is how it should be, the way God intended it to be.
No matter what is wrong in the world, when
looking into the eyes of a newborn child,
all is right.
On the other hand, never before will the bad things in the world
alarm new parents as much as it will now.
This future of the world now means something to them because
it is now their little boys world, his future.
I can remember before having BB, I never thought of pollution.
Once he was born I remember wanting to recycle, never to throw
another thing out of my car window.
I worried about  the world I was going to leave them in.
OH My! What a new baby does to your life.
 To hear Pat, Leah's mother for the short
conversation this morning before the phone went out,
has me so excited for what is to come in her life.
To hear her in awe of her own baby girl as she delivered
her first grandchild swells my heart.
Leah, I know just how much you are in love with this baby,
I also can tell you that in the next few days and weeks to come,
you will miss the bond the two of you had together, 
him swimming around inside of you, where he could hear your
heart beat and all was perfect in his world.
You will miss having him all to yourself and yet,
will be so thankful, so relieved that he is here, healthy
and now you can share with the world all you already know
about this sweet child of yours.
To become a parent is to now wear your heart on your sleeve.
How can I explain to all just what this life will be like now?
Fact is, there are no words, none in the English language to 
express what has just happened to these two families.
I am sure even if I looked on every Rosetta Stone there still
would be no language that can speak the love of one little bitty
sweet new born baby boy.
Congrats to all!!!!!
Love you all!

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