Thursday, August 22, 2013

The year we turn 50

Myself, the besties, the whole class of 1981 have turned 50 this year.
One of the youngest of our class, Jade passed away a few years ago.
(Jade is the 5th from the left, bottom row.)
Although we were not as close when we got to high school,
as youngsters we were very close.
Yesterday was Jade's birthday and her besties,
decided to have her birthday party.
A true testament to what besties mean to each other.
 They began the party right where her body rests,
at the mausoleum.
They ended the night with supper and a birthday cake
at Sharon's home.

Such a touching gesture to the "baby of their group"
she was the youngest and often joked with them
that they were always going to be older than her.
An honorable birthday for very true and honorable friends.
One of the bestsies posted,
"Jade was the glue that held us together and she still is"
I am so fortunate that my besties still are here on Earth
and that we can still spend time with each other.
However, if we were not, I hope we would remain
just as close as we were in life.
RIP dear, Jade and Kuddo's to all your besties.
You all are something special!

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