Friday, August 23, 2013

How do besties know???

How do your best friends even since high school 
remain so intuned to you even after so many years and
living many miles apart?
I have two of the most dear besties in the world,
would not trade them for anything.
We never get enough time together. never.
We are all so busy with our own lives and families,
Ann with her nieces and nephews,
Laurie still having a teenager in the house.
Yet, we all seem to know just what the other needs at 
the right times.
I have had some rough days.
When my pain becomes too much for me,
I miss my Mommy and Daddy more.
A few days ago, was having a really rough one.
Just thinking about my Mommy and how it still
is so hard to believe that I will not ever see her again in this world.
Even find myself wondering about heaven, hell and all that 
is in between. I worry about why is it taking me so long
to accept the loss of my Mommy. 
Then I get this from my bestie, Laurie:
And it sums up all for me, all in one little spot.
The whys of why I still miss her so much.
The comfort that I get from having besties can't
be explained. 
Thanks again, dear Laurie, I received it right when I got it.
Love you so big!

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