Friday, August 30, 2013

Love these!

A simple blog this morning, a few pictures I love.
 I follow many blogs, it's one of my favorite things,
to see other blogs as well as DIY projects.
If it were not for HOBL who does not like old antiques,
(unless its our rainbow that he has fixed for 27 years)
I would live in an old, beaten down home but with
the luxeries of a new one, such as a bathroom
rather than an outhouse.
I find these first two pictures on one of those blogs.
Makes me want to get rid of all my modern furniture
and get antigues.
Because I love old books, I love the messy way she has
the books stacked above.
Below, I do think I will ask HOBL to build me shelving in
my scrap closet like this and I scrap the fronts like this.
I am swooning over that look!
 IT is actually so very pretty that I think I would remove the closet doors to have
this look! OOHHHH the ideas going through my head!
BElow, it is where my Pillsbury dough boys now reside.
On top of my small window about my porch door.
I had only glass bottles there before but once I found out
that these little gems, marked 1971, that I paid half a dollar for,
were worth 30 dollars, they became part of my life.
 Bean and I have a few things in common, well maybe a lot.
She loves everything miniature and she also likes
making toys out of what others would believe to be trash.
These are some of her favorite things to play with.
The little house she and I made out of a candy box.
When I saw the slope of the top of the box, 
I just knew it had to be scrapped. Most often
it is where Minnie and MIckey live, sometimes 
it is the home of three little mice.
 Then there is the white dishwasher cleaner that
Aunt Nan C made into a bird cage.
Her owls live there. See the little doll in the 
bed, we call it our homemade "worry dolls".
We make dozens of them out of pipe cleaners,
wooden round beads and DMC floss.
Each has a name, each is very important to our play.
The little beds? 
Well nothing but a few coffee filters and Kleenex.
Oh the fun we have making "junk".
 Last, but not least, two pictures from Joe's crab shack
where we ate a few nights ago.
The weather was so cool that night and low humidity 
which allowed us to eat outside and Bean could play in
the sand pits and play area.
We all took turns playing with her
and the picture of her and her Mommy just beautiful.
Simple blog today, 
a few of my favorite things.
 A smorgasbord of lilbit of my world.

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