Monday, August 19, 2013


Finally, finally, a movie I have been waiting for.
I went to Houma Palace to watch it as I wanted
to see if with my besties. We met there and
Ms. Geri and the bestie babies were also there.
Like sometimes happens, the hype surrounding the movie
left me just a tad disappointed but putting that aside,
the story was beautiful. It is a known fact how much
I love Oprah, and in this movie, she demands attention.
Attention not just as a talk show host but a serious actress.
The support she gives to the main actor, "the butler" 
was great. As the movie ends, having gone through the 
many presidents the butler served, I look around the
packed theater and realize that the very best part of
the movie has happened right there in the theater.
We have finally come to a place in our world where
all denominations can sit together, in union,
watching this movie.
White, black, red, purple, color does not matter
and for that I am proud of the facts that are true in this movie.
Thanks to the "freedom riders" who are portrayed in the movie
having been the butler's son, for the freedom we all
live now.

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