Thursday, August 1, 2013

What is attractive?

Today the blog is a lesson for the men in our lives.
What attracts a woman to a man?
Men think it is roses and gifts,
a tub poured with rose petals to the bath.
They are wrong. So, so wrong.
It is the small things you do for them.
Most importantly to see you with your child, playing,
taking on responsibilities to ease your woman's life.

This morning I am going through pictures on my computer,
trying to organize them as I have over 3,000 and I come
across these from Bean's second birthday.
Seeing HOBL playing with Bean melts my heart.
It is sad that I can barely remember him as a daddy.
How he was with our own children. 
In our life right now, it would benefit me to have those memories.
Yet, I see these, him playing with our Bean and my heart melts.
IT is these moments that I think are attractive,
so you men out there....
do what Dr. Phil says every man should think when he wakes up,
"What can I do today to make my wife's life better?"
It would be spending time with the babies in your life.
There is something about a man enjoying the company of a child
that is just down right attractive.

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