Sunday, August 25, 2013

left to tell

I have just finished reading the true account 
of this most amazing woman, Imaculee Ilibagiza.
I first heard about it a few weeks ago when my TES friends
came to visit. It was the summer reading for EDWhite
and Mel spoke of how her son read it all in one night and
how inspired by the book.
A small world as Patricia also spoke of how her best friend
worked for Immaculee and she was soon to hear her 
speak in Lafayette. What an amazing story, what
an amazing woman. 
It still floors me that in today's world there is such
a thing as genocide, killing because of the faith you
To watch your whole family be killed 
and live in a bathroom with other women for
three months to find forgiveness for the killers
is something phenomenal.
I wonder, if I had lived the same life
would I forgive? It's the way the Big Man
would want us to forgive and yet, how hard
that is, the murders of your whole family.
Patricia was in her presence yesterday,
hearing her speak and was able to get me a signed copy 
of her book I just read on Ipad.
In March she will be in Thibodaux and I plan
on making her most awesome testimony to 
a life that we, here in the USA, can't even 
imagine still happens in our world.
A must read!
A must see as she will be in Thibodaux in March
St. Genevieve church.


  1. Please tell me when she comes to speak at St. Gen I would love, love to hear her in person! Thanks for sharing!!