Saturday, August 3, 2013

Oh our Mommee

I am going through the last of Mommee's things.
All that is left is her personal cards and letters, pictures
that she has accumulated over the 92 years she lived.
It is the hardest as it has me looking into her life,
those things that were important to her.
I don't think she ever threw away one card,
one picture colored by a grandchild, one love note.
I am scanning all her old pictures to put on a disc for
each sibling and giving the originals to the rightful owner.
When I saw this picture of Mickey Mouse at first,
I couldn't find out which child in our family was in 
the many children. I looked better and there, I see,
our Mommee, in there with all the children copping a kiss
on Mickey's cheek while he signs someones autograph book.
It makes me laugh and makes me cry at the same time.
See, this was our old Mommee, the one before dementia.
It is in these pictures, those times that I realize just how much
I am like her. Part of me will just not grow up.
I would be the one pushing my way through all the children
to kiss Mickey.
I am going to frame this one as it represents so much of 
our Mommee's personality.
She definitely made us laugh and smile just as I did yesterday.


  1. She was awesome!!!

  2. still can't stop loving this sweet picture... can almost see her pushing kiddies out the way so she can get a kiss. A treasure I found right here!!!