Thursday, August 15, 2013

The best waiter

(Blog per phone forgive any errors)
I do believe I am the best waiter. 
Not as in the kind of career gypsy baby has
But the kind that sits and waits, and waits, and waits...
A flight delay for some would ruin a day especially
For someone like poor HOBL who has been flying all night.
I love waiting in airports. 
Perfect place to people watch. 
I wonder about others waiting. 
I sometimes strike a conversation
With others waiting. 
Today as I sit, a young girl cannot sit. 
She is anxious and I can tell just by her manner
She is waiting for her lover. 
Maybe hubby, may be boyfriend but
Definite her lover.
I know when she spots him. 
I can see in my periphial vision
While reading my book, her smile. 
She is beaming and when they finally make contact
She hugs his neck, gives a short hop and 
Wraps her legs around his waist. 
He is not at all sorry nor embarrassed
By her show of affection. 
It brings me back to a time when HOBL 
And I first started living together
And he would come home after weeks away. 
Watching this couple has made my day. 
I giggle to myself as I wonder what HOBL 
Would do if I jumped on him today as I witnessed
This 100 pound beauty do.
I laugh silently thinking
At our age it would be comical.
Second people watching scenerio is 
A young boy probably about BeAns age 
Waiting for his grandpa.  
Makes me kind of wish I had asked ibean could
Come. She likes waiting too. 
When he sees his "paw" he
Runs pass the allotted gate.
No one stops him as its one
Of those moments you just don't
Interfere with. 
Another long hug and many kisses. 
I ask his age and his mother says
"Two tomorrow"
I place a 5 dollar bill in his hand. 
I tell him to buy him a toy at Walmart. 
He thanks me with a big smile. 
HOBL, when you ask where my
Money goes" 
Well this is where it sometimes randomly goes.
Good thing I had change because he 
Would have scored a 20. 

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