Sunday, August 11, 2013


 Today is my baby boy's 28th birthday.
Twenty eight years ago today,
on a Sunday to be exact this child became my best
reason for living.
Except for the few years I lost him to drugs,
he has been a pleasant child to raise.
 He holds many different titles these days,
Son and brother, husband and daddy.
The one title that he no longer wears is grandson to 
this Mommee. he adored as she did him.
Happy birthday my dear, first child!
 The very best thing I have ever done, the one thing
I know I excelled at, was being a Mommy.
You made it easy, very easy.
I watched you play, watched you sleep and I have watched 
you grow into the fine young man you are.
 Kd is lucky, so are you.
To have found a wife like kd out of all the girls out there
must have been like looking for a needle in a haystack
and yet, you did it, you found her.

One of my very favorite things to do is to watch you 
be a daddy to Bean.
She adores you, cries for you, cuts up with you,
it is obvious how much she loves you and your company.
When I watch you two dance or sing together,
practice duck hunting it is comic relief to me.
I think of how close we came to loosing you to the life 
of drugs. that having Kd as your wife, Bean as your baby girl
may not have happened and I could cry.
I know you will always have my back. In those times
that I have been sad, both you and gypsy have come through for me.
In areas such as comfort, where Daddy struggles with how to help,
you and gypsy know exactly what to do to get me back on the right track.
Whether it be to lay with me, let me cry on y'all shoulders,
or help me to see things for what they are,
I am comforted.
The best thing I have ever done, the best thing Daddy and I have
ever done, is having you two.
I watch you when you are fathering Bean and it melts me.
Somewhere along the course of you life,
you saw what it was to be a daddy and you came through
to be one of the best daddy's I know.
That little girl adores you as little girls should.
There are no better gifts you can ever get better than
the two girls you call your family.
Happy birthday my dear, wonderful child.
You make me proud every day!
Love now and always,

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