Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Our Riera Christmas is done. 
It was a success. I am glad it was, all my Kiddies
were happy and they were also very kind to me.
Gypsy baby insists that  I will love the gift she had
to order for me which will be ready today.
My offspring know I expect a love letter each holiday.
The only one that I got was one that was not from 
a child I gave birth to but who is just as important,
my dear godchild, Tedigirl.
I don't want to share the whole love letter here
as it is so personal, between she and I and yet,
she has made me cry and asked me to be
her Confirmation sponser.
Of course a large, resounding YES!
My lil pookie, having some rough days with growing up
issues and I am so very touched that I am in her "village"
able to help her along with her Mommy and Daddy.
Now my Christmas things are down,
HOBL and I, doing a fall cleaning.
So many before me has had the first Christmas
without a person they loved. Like I with my Mommy.
Some have also said I have to get over the loss.
I know that, I will yet we all must do it each in our own way.
The way I handle it is allowing me the sad feelings of
my loss so that I can let it go.
When seeing someone sad, realize it is not always a bad
thing even if it looks like the person is suffering more.
I miss my Momma. I can't deny that.
I was so happy to take down the Christmas trees.
I cried as I took down my silver one.
I know my Mommy would have been with us.
She would have loved to watch us all enjoy our presents.
I just miss her so. 
The year 2014 is coming. 
I am making changes, big changes.
Going to have a big, big resolution list...
It will be one with many challenges,,,,
stay tuned.


  1. Merry CHRISTmas; Lil!!! Love Ya'll!!!

  2. Merry CHRISTmas; Lil!!! Love Ya'll!!!