Wednesday, December 25, 2013

....And so this is Christmas...

Christmas 2013 nearly done.
My Dear friend, Shirley gave myself and Bean her entire
collection of Liberty Falls houses, over 70 pieces!
They were in her attic and after she saw that we were collecting
she asked if I wanted those in her attic.
What?!!?? For sure! 
She refused to take any money for them,
saying she would get her reward by watching Bean and I loving
it instead of living in her attic.
However, there is no way I can repay her for this.
We played with it for hours and now I am thinking of
a permanent home for them but somewhere that we can
play with them.
Thanks dear friend! Cannot tell you how proud I am
to have this! 
 Sunday evening we did our Riera Christmas.
I always want my gifts to be something well thought out.
This year HOBL gave both the kiddies and myself trips.
He and Baby Boy leaving tomorrow for a guided hunting trip,
Gypsy baby and I, leaving January 16 for Disney and
Harry Potter Land. Thanks HOBL.
I was left with what gift could I give my dear
daughter-in-law that would be meaningful.
A gift certificate for a 4-D ultrasound brought her to tears.
I would say I scored on that one!
 Bean was not sure about those tears, she is learning
about feelings but tears are still confusing to her.
When she cries it is never a good things so I guess
when seeing others cry she can't get what "Happy Tears" are.
 IT was then Bean's turn.
A scooter and few other gifts from Pappy and Mumsie
with the scooter being what she really wanted.
Yet, she pulls out the cheapest bath toy, one
I bought last year the day after Christmas for four dollars
and that is the one that gets the most excitement.
Never fails, right?

 So glad Jodie and Chance decided to stay for our
little Christmas, pictures by Jodie.
Was happy to see she left me some of them two.

 Nannie and Meg also scored with Lego's and this
Pizza set for the Bean.
We all had never had felt Pizza before but that night,
each had their fill.
 My best gift of all was that one from my sweet Tedi-Girl.
She knows her Nannie well.
Knows there is no gift I love more than one from the heart.
A love letter and requesting me to be her confirmation sponser.
How I love this gal....
 I spent Monday taking down my Christmas, 
determined to get through Christmas Eve doing something
different than I normally do.
A few years after my Daddy died, Mommy found
herself alone on a Christmas morning.
As soon as she dressed she came over to my house and
with tears in her eyes, she said,
"I never again want to find myself alone on Christmas morning"
Since then I always made sure she didn't.
The last few years while living at the Manor,
I would attend church with her at the Manor,
she and I would go ride and look at lights
then I would take her to my home, her apartment with
me sleeping with her, or take her to one of the sisters.
Needless to say, all my thoughts yesterday was of her.
Yet, last night HOBL and I picked up
these two beauties and ate at LaBerge steak house
called 18 Steaks.
It is where my gypsy baby works. Tonight she was off.
what a fancy place, loved seeing her interact with those she works with.
Dining at its finest.
Then there is these gals.
Spending the evening with two so in love.
 Never thought there could be another so much like 
my gypsy. To see her so happy is what a mommy
wishes for her babies.


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  1. Merry Christmas to all of you!!! We love you!!!