Saturday, December 28, 2013

I am a believer...

Througout my whole lfe, I have heard the
story of sister veronica's tale of getting pregnant on her
honeymoon. She was married in December and her first
baby, Tiffany was born in September,
Exactly 9 months after her and J's wedding.
Even though she insisted many times that she was
not active until her wedding night, none of us really 
believed her. Even her offspring, Tiffy and I laughed
growing up at the thought of what she told.
We believed it just could not happen the first night
of your married life. She always told the same story however,
"That's my story and I'm sticking to it"
is Veronica's famous words for everything, it is fitting
in this story.
So, like I said, I never really believed it until now.
Arthur and Amanda were married late November.
I shared that night at the reception how I teased them
that now they could make babies.
Arthur laughed and said,
"I am working on that tonight"
Amanda said as she petted Arthur's chest,
" I am doing that, My Husband"
I will never forget the pride in her voice when she said that.
Hence, here we are late December and on Christmas
day they tell us, yes, they are expecting a baby in August.
I have no doubts this child was not conceived before the
wedding and now, I believe.
I believe that my dear sister, Veronica really was one
of those who got pregnant on their honeymoon.
Congrats to Arthur and Amanda and the grandparents.
Especially my sister, C who is the last of us Collins kiddo's to
become grandparents. She has so much love coming her way,
her sugar babies will be so spoiled as it should be.
A rousse baby due in August!!!
Veronica.... sorry all these years I laughed at the thought
of your story you stuck to that you got pregnant on 
your honeymoon..... I am now a believer!

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  1. Congratulations Arthur and Amanda!!!