Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NO Apology necessary when your baby is fighting to live...

Yesterday as I worked on my Christmas cards
a commercial comes on about childhood cancer.
I listen as they lay out the statistics of survival.
Back in the 60's cure for childhood cancer was 3%.
Now, today, thanks to advances in treatment,
thanks to places like St. Jude Children's Hospital, survival is in
the 90% for most childhood cancers.
I am once again reminded just how lucky I am to still be here.
I don't know why but it seems like I am always
stumbling on sites, people who are fighting a childhood cancer battle.
One of my nephew's friends is at St. Jude as I blog.
Last night, skimming through facebook I come across a page
One of the posts is the one below written by her Mother:

Prayers for Kaley
November 19 via mobile
Sorry, my last post was deleted. It was not my intent to cause bad feelings. I was sincerely clearing a few facts such as:
-I am not "ready to pull Kaley back into cancer" every time she is feeling bad. I just have a little fear. And I've never not been real with y'all, even when I'm a little fearful:)
-I do not "insult God every time kaley gets the sniffles". Instead, I'm giving yall specifics for prayer. Because this is a PRAYER page. Hence the name:)
-I do not recall using this page In a negative way,(except my last post, that wasnt intended for negative). I've shared good & bad and will continue to do just that. And I have been told by hundreds (without exaggeration) how encouraging this page is. And that has really pushed me through.
-I give God the glory everyday, y'all just may not see it, as I update way less than that.
-finally I apologize deeply for causing any wrong feeling with the last post and I will try my best to just hit the "ban user" button next time instead of riling up Kaley defensive line lol!!!! Forgive me, but please know I am sincere in explaining that all implications on this persons comment were false. That was my reasoning for posting the last post, it was not to have a bashing party. Ok, all that being said, once again, have a great evening! We love our team of warriors:) And pray that I won't let ugliness get to me so easily. I have no problem with apologizing!! Just would rather not having a reason to do so haha! Xoxo from Kaley!

This very post, written by a Mother who daily has to watch her
sweet baby suffer through all that comes with childhood cancers,
feeling the need not to only delete one of her posts but apologizes for it
has me so angry. No one, and I mean no one can understand
what it is like to watch your baby fight to live and no one should judge 
her for any feeling she should have.
All these things this mother feels are normal for her family's situation
and yet, how bad she must feel as to have to apologize.
She walks on egg shells daily, she watches her once strong
and vibrant daughter be calm as poisons are pumped into her body to 
kill the cancer. She can only comfort her baby, tell her she loves her,
tell her she wishes it were her instead.
She must rock her very sick child as those poisons make her sick,
vomit, not be able to eat, loose weight to the point where a feeding tube
has to be placed just to keep her weight up.
Living with cancer affects a whole family.
A simple cold to most children becomes worries of a reoccurrence
of the dreaded cancer as well as worries about whether or not
the very treatments used to save her will kill her.
Even now, after 45 years of being cancer free,
when sick I still worry about whether or not cancer is involved.
Please, do not judge others, especially those for whom life is
at a standstill because of a sick child.
Love to this sweet child and her family.
Cancer sucks always, It is the ultimate devil.
(written with permission from mother)


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  1. Praying for this strong, devoted, loving mother and her baby.