Saturday, December 14, 2013

The story of the Christmas Card

 Now that most of my Christmas cards have been
received I can tell the story of how this beautiful photograph
came to be.
Each year, around October I begin to think of my card.
What will I do, will it be a funny or a serious.
Each year, it seems that one comes naturally and all those
that I tried to stage just didn't work.
Hence the card of 2013.
I began to think of what to do.
I thought of doing It's a Wonderful life and borrowing
the bunny suit for Bean to wear and the leg lamp
also thought of posing Bean for the picture but just was not sure.
Then came the picture I used that still makes me want to cry
with all its beauty. The story behind it will allow you to 
appreciate the photo more.
One night when Bean's mom was working nights
she came over to sleep at Mumsie's.
During that day I had bought her the cutest Sophia the first
pajama and decided to buy the Tiara and earrings.
She loved it and rushed through her bath so she 
could wear her new things. Insisted I call her Sophia.
I went in to take my bath and left her fully dressed on my
bed playing with the Ipad. I rushed through my bath as
I could hear that she was out of the bed.
When I got out of the bathroom she was sitting on
my wooden box where my Mommy's statue of
Virgin Mary and baby Jesus now reside.
I asked her what she was doing and she
answered simply, 
"Talking to Baby Jesus and Mommee"
so glad I had my phone as I snapped this most beautiful picture.
After, when viewing the picture I realized there was
a plug in behind her and was going to have to try
and recreate the moment but to me, nothing would be
as beautiful as this one moment I captured.
I photo shopped many times to remove that plug and
if you look good behind Bean's right ear, you can see it.
No photo, no reenactment could be more beautiful than 
that one precious moment between Bean and my Mommy.


  1. Jilly is such a beautiful and innocent little angel!!! Wonderful heart felt story behind your amazing Christmas card!!! Love, Lisa