Sunday, December 8, 2013


Yesterday consisted of a very successful retreat.
It was filled with many activities that our teens actually
participated in. Rosaryville is a beautiful place, full
of walking paths, beautiful life size statues.
The facilitator, Stephanie was phenomenal.
You can tell she has much experience with teens 
because she not only knows how to get them involved
but how to discipline with respect.
Part of the retreat had us take one of those personality tests.
It is amazing how, from just a few questions being answered,
much can be said about yourself. My findings were that
I was "blue" out of the four colors that may have been chosen.
Wow! This test, nailed me to a T!
Very insightful not only to find out where you stand
but how those we interact with stand and how
knowing this can help those same interactions.

This was one of the many activities we participated in.
I can't wait to have friends and family take the same test.
Later, I will post the questions as well as the different categories.
The day was long but fun, interesting and I loved
spending the day with my group of confirmation candidates.
A very insightful day that has me with many thoughts,
many things I need to work on personally.
If you ever are given the opportunity to retreat and/or
visit Rosaryville in Pontchatoula, don't skip it.
You will not be disappointed nor leave without a 
new-found sense of faith.

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