Sunday, December 29, 2013


The generation before us did not break the cycle of
drug and alcohol abuse. Our generation did not do it either.
My children's generation started the break up but I have a good 
feeling that the next generation,
Bean and My great nieces and nephews,
will be the one to do it.
Hence, my story of today.
My godchild/ great niece Cameron
called me yesterday. Ever since she was a little bitty thing
she liked boys and I told her boys were Trouble capital T.
Then I told her if she had to have a boyfriend he had to have
a real name. We went back and forth with names
"Nannie, what about Drake, can I have a boyfriend named Drake?"
"Drake??? Cami that is a duck, no you can't have a boyfriend 
named Drake"
"Nannie how about Tanner, can I have a boyfriend named Tanner?"
"Cami, really?? Tanner?? that is like someone who has a tan
and goes out in the sun to become Tanner, no that won't work"
For some reason it was a running joke between us for
many years. Then she had the "Nerve" to become a teenager
and go to the dance with a boy she liked and vice versa.
"Nannie, his name is Jestin and I don't care what you say,
I like him"
"Jest in Case.... Cami that won't work"
her response, "Nannie, too bad he is my boyfriend"
Now to the breaking the cycle bit.
Cami's dad, Miki, is a recovering addict, he spent many
years suffering and found sobriety almost three years ago.
Since has found the love of his life and has had a baby boy
with her. My own baby boy, who although did not use
for many years, is about to celebrate 10 years sober.
Brings me to their offspring, Bean and Cami.
Cami called yesterday and says, 
"Nannie, I have some good news to tell you"
I jokingly answer, "You broke up with your boyfriend"
"Nannie! you are psychic!"
She proceeds to tell me that he, at 12, decided to get drunk.
When she tried to tell him it was bad stuff and she would
not go out with someone who drank or used drugs
he would not listen. Continued to try and say it was
not bad and was actually fun. She broke up with him right there.
She explained that she will not go out with a boy 
who drinks or used drugs. We speak for some time.
I talk to her about her younger years, all the pain
those darn drugs brought her and she should not settle for
anything less than what she wants....
She agrees and we have to hang up because our connection is bad.
I continue to think of this strong little girl.
I pray she never abuses nor uses drugs,
I pray that her generation, which includes my Bean
is the one that breaks the cycle of addiction as well
as enabling. You go, girl, Cami!
So proud of ya!

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