Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sugar Plums dance in our heads...

I have dropped a few little comments about the new Riera baby
due in May but it is now very safe to say, all is
well with this pregnancy, Well well with the baby
not so much for poor KD who has been sick with 
morning sickness every day, through the whole day.
She is such a trooper, doesn't complain,
just runs to the bathroom, does her business and comes
out to take care of Bean as if nothing happened.
Back to the baby.
For blogging purposes, I will call the new one
Sugar Plum until we know boy or girl.
It is fitting for the time of year, isn't it?
 Bean is sooo excited, calls it her baby.
Loves the term "Big Sister" and 
practices with her babies daily.
These pictures are her carrying the very first ultrasound 
pictures of Sugar Plum.

 How am I feeling about Sugar Plum.
I am so excited, so happy for them.
Miscarriages are always so hard and yet,
the fact that KD decides to continue on the grow their 
family has be admiring her all the more.
The fact that she is so sick and yet, the want of 
another baby has her willing to go through it all
and still see the excitement of each milestone Sugar Plum makes.
This week Sugar Plum kicked, both BB and KD so excited 
about this. The new house is going up fast,
I know they are wanting to be settled into the house
before Sugar Plum's due date in late May.
I think they will make it.
So, yes, I am going to be a Mumsie once again.
Can't wait to hold Sugar Plum but more so,
I cannot wait to experience Bean and Sugar Plum's
relationship. She will be the best big sister!

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  1. Awesome!!! I truly admire Katie!!! Praying that she feels better and that Sugar Plum is healthy!!!