Friday, December 6, 2013

A Picture post

One of my favorite things about A and A wedding was
the photo booth. Although I have seen many of these photo
op weddings this was my first to participate in.
Oh my! I can see why its so popular!
For a woman who  loves photos and capturing the moments
in our lives, this is a must.
So today, I will share some of my favorites from 
this most special day.
 Cousins, cousins, cousins!
Nothing better than an evening with all your cousins.
I am so proud of our family for always stressing the
importance of family and cousins.
They all love each other soooo much,
all love spending time with the other.
They share parts of their lives, give each other advice,
and always, always have the others backs...
Nothing better than a room full of cousins!
Little Lillian and Abby
I love this picture! They both right now are only children
so their lives as cousins is much needed. 
Abby is growing up so beautiful and so kind hearted especially 
for this little Lillian. 
 The Plaisance clan.
Now here is a family that has lots to admire.
A Mommy and Daddy who still not only love each other
but shows it to their children.
Those four children have lived with the Motto:
"If Momma ain't happy, ain't no body happy"
Their Daddy has kept their Mommy very happy and
they reap the rewards.
Oh and there is that other saying,
"The best gift a father can give to their children is to love their Mother"
Yeah, he does that too.

 Ahw... Tie looking pretty cute that night...
Finding herself on the "up" side of some rough times.
This smile, I think it is for real these days.
 OH, our Lucy, Lu Lu....
growing up to be just beautiful, looking much like her Mommy.
Everything this child touches she achieves.
 Here are those cousins again....
Wonder how many they took?
Hugh and Tedi-girls relationship remind me much of the 
one gypsy baby and Kris shared when they were young.
Now, as adults, they still are very close.
To the point that for Kris and Kaylee's wedding,
she wants to walk on Kris' side...
 The young Riera family.
Soon there will be another to share that last name with.
Another family that has lots to be admired.
I mean how many families build a house without any major
arguments... lol

 Oh these two gals.... 
Not even sure if I should post these funny yet somewhat "not so nice"
pictures. Have to though, they are just so darn funny.
"Patty cakes" and gypsy baby
Have spent their lives as friends and even as adults their lives continue
to cross paths. I think they would consider themselves besties.
I know I consider them both with lots of love from me.

 There I am, lilbit and three of her many godchildren.
That they love me, that they like spending time with me,
that they think I am cool even at 50, well..
that is just such a blessing.
I have worked hard to be the kind of Nannie that shows them
fun but also one that is their for them, has their back,
listens to them. I also hope they always, always know
that I would take any of them in a second if their lives were in
a position that they needed me.
Just writing about these gals and those who call me Nannie
makes me "Tee-clempte" as old school Saturday Night Live 
used to call choked up.

Then last but never and definitely not least....
The beautiful, newly married,
MR. and Mrs. Arthur Rousse.
The reason for the gathering, the reason for so many
wonderful memories.
It is exciting to think we are all here to watch this marriage 
blossom. In 6 months, we get to gather all together again
as Kris and Kaylee marry.
Hoping a photo booth is also in the plans.

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  1. Thanks Lil!!! Terrific pics and wonderful memories!!!