Wednesday, December 11, 2013

reflection on yesterday

I sit in my cozy home in Plaquemine,
awaiting the waking of my Bean who is asleep with
baby boy who just came in from work yesterday.
I sit here with my pups and I contemplate my day 
of yesterday. My Mommy's 93rd birthday, the first without her.
I realized that in my 50 years, this is the very first of her
birthdays, one of many, I have never been with my Mommy 
on this day. I could have been sad, I could have moped 
and stayed home, all of this would have been acceptable.
Acceptable to all except the birthday girl.
She would not be happy if she knew we were sad
on her very favorite day of the year, her birthday.
So instead, I woke up early and began making 
many dozens of her favorite cookie, almond cookies,
the recipe given to me by my pal, Stacy, was her
favorite since the first time I made them.
TEdi girl was having a gastroscopy and she requested
chicken and rice soup {which I happened to have in freezer)
and her favorite cookies, the same as Mommie.
I baked and packaged for her and then continued
to make 12 dozen more. 
My first stop, Thibodaux regional where my dear Tedi-girl
had completed her tests and was getting ready to leave.
Only had time to take a quick instagram picture and they were off.
I texted my pal Celeste to meet me at the Manor
where I had coffee with her, her hubby and Mr. Bill.
Each year Mommy lived there I made these cookies for 
the staff. They were so surprised and gracious to accept the
cookies again this year. Walking in to the manor immediately made
me feel happy, loved, like being amongst family.
Many of the employees shared that on this day they
all remembered my Mommy. Because it was her birthday
but also because the craft was building their annual
gingerbread houses and that was always her favorite.
She always proudly displayed her holiday gingerbread house.
I brought a personal dozen of cookies to our "Sista" in the
kitchen as well as Ms. Anita who not only washed my Mommy's 
clothes but did many extra things that we are not even aware of.
I brought cookies to Mr. Bill Pitre and his daughter, Celeste.
I also brought some for Celeste to bring to my pal, Kim
and our cousin, Chris who was also my Mommy's godchild.
I stopped at Duroscher Vet who has always been so
very kind and there for us through every challenge with our
babies, our pups. A Plate of cookies with a "love letter"
went to them. My next stop was the one I was really lookiing
forward to, on to Wendy's house to rock sweet Ella K.
I was not prepared. I was not prepared to see just how 
petite she is. Her features are just perfect but like a baby doll.
She is a calm baby, wide eyed, taking in my face.
I am not one to say a newborn baby is pretty or beautiful 
if it is not. I may say precious but not beautiful.
Yet, when seeing Ella K. I have to share
that I have to admit, aside from Bean she is the most
beautiful new born I have seen in a long while.
God I love her! I know she and I will be bonded for life.
As I held her I was able to visit with her family, a family
that I feel a part of. Ruffin and Wendy, the new grandparents,
Linsey and Adam, the new parents and even
my dear Devin, who is the Perrin.
I came home late, after dark but Mommy would be proud.
Instead of staying home and moping about just how lonesome I was.
I made my day productive and full. Full of those I love, full
of people who not only are friends but who are also 
my family now. As i drove home, knowing baby boy and Bean
would be there, I thought a lot of Mommy and how
she is loving her first birthday away from us in a place 
we have yet to understand and know, a place we call Heaven.
I stop for Popeye's on my way home, it was Mommy's favorite also.
I pulled up into my garage excited because BB's truck is there.
As I enter the long hall from my garage that also houses the
door to BB and Kd's bedroom I hear the words that
always make my heart swell.
Bean saying...... "Mumsie"
Oh Jesus I am hooked to this little girl.
I stop in to visit a minute with her and her Daddy.
"Look, My daddy is here!"
She tells me many things in the process of 5 minutes.
I tell her I will be waiting to cuddle with her when we wake up.
One of the best things of the day is one that caught me off guard
mostly because HOBL is not one to bring up things of the heart.
Not one to acknowledge uncomfortable situations.
As I have said before, it has been a challenging year for us.
I did not expect him to call so late as he knows I go to bed
early most nights. He shares of a going away party his 
friends gave him at work as he is moving to a new place
after Christmas to start his new job.
Then he says words that touch my heart.
It is these small things that make me love him, those things
that he rarely does because it makes him uncomfortable.
He says he has to go, can't talk long but wanted
to call on my Mommy's birthday.
He asks, "Was it a rough one?"
I share that it was but I kept it busy with the 
things I did for others. 
It touched me, touched my heart because
I know those types of things are hard for him and yet
it is those types of things that make me feel loved,
that has me believing we are a team.
in the morning and I am waiting....
Waiting anxiously for her to awaken.
The one who calls me Mumsie.

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