Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tripping to Harry Potter World

Islands of Adventure, Harry Potter,
Disney World...
here we come.
Gypsy baby and I have been given the best 
Christmas gift from HOBL.
An all expense paid trip just me and the baby girl
to Disney, specifically to visit Harry Potter.
We are giddy with excitement and it is hard
to believe that it is like a month away
as in earlier years, to be able to afford trips
to Disney, had to book a year in advance.
HOBL decided since he and Baby Boy's
Christmas was a hunting trip in Texas,
that it was only fitting for the gals to take a trip.
I am hoping that it is a new yearly thing we will do.
So we are leaving on Jan. 16th to our wonderful 
vacation. I cannot wait to have limitless time
with my gypsy baby. We love each others company
yet as she gets older, an adult now, it is so hard.
WE both making a New Years Resolution 
that at least while she is living in Baton Rouge,
and I in Plaquemine that we will meet each
Tuesday for an early movie.
Besides my bestie, Laurie and her babies,
Gypsy is the one I love to critique movies with.
Well this was a rambling post....

 Geeze I miss my baby girl!

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